fashionpicThe fashion industry is one that is always in flux. What’s old is new and what is new doesn’t tend to last very long. There will always be the timeless styles that look good any time of year, but most fashion trendscome and gorather quickly. Here is what you can expect all the most fashionable women to be wearing through the rest of the year.

Bringing Back the Sixties and Seventies

Ever good fashion trend comes back around at some point. Even those that may seem hideous as we look back on them can enjoy a new leaseon life after an inspired take on that style reinvigorates them for a new generation. Right now, we are seeing styles that were big in the sixties and seventies make their way back into chic fashion.

Many fashionistas are also pulling out their sewing machine out of the closet and creating their own fashion statement. You can turn to Ms. Career Girl and see how your sewing could also possibly turn into a business. You may have your designs discovered and see your fashions on the catwalk one day.

One of those is skinny jeans. What’s great about this trend is that it is a perfect match for just about any footwear. You can pair it up with a dress of any length, a jacket or just a comfortable top. The return of flare does not mean that the skinny jean has exited the fashion stage, but there is a little more room up there for other styles.

Bohemian Style

Another retro look that is making its way back after enjoying a new twist is the bohemian or hippie style. This involves wearing little to no makeup, fixing the hair into long, loose weaves, using flowers or natural accents in the hair, and wearing long, flowing dresses. All this is finished off with sandals that show off your feet.

When this trend first came out, it was intended as a counter-culture statement and as a way to connect people to the earth. Now it serves a s a bold and beautiful fashion statement andit brings out natural style and beauty that is often hid under layers of makeup and carefully-designed ensembles. To pull this one off, you have to make it look like getting dressed and prepped for the day was completely effortless. And really, it does take a lot less effort than most fashion trends.

Dress Shirt

A lot of women can pull off a fashionable look just by dressing up in their man’s clothes, but now wearing an oversized shirt as a dress is a veritable fashion trend. Whether that dress shirt is short or long, it can work for just about anyone.

This style can be paired with a stylish belt, some knee high boots or a cute bag. Just don’t cover up the legs, because the leggy look is a big part of this trend’s appeal. The dress shirt really accentuates the thighs, so those ladies with toned legs are going to want to give this trend a shot.

What makes this little trend so great is that it really is almost effortless to pull off. It stems from a style meant for those who just got out of bed, so looking like you didn’t put a lot of prep work into it can actually work in your benefit.


A symmetrical style is classic and safe, but it can also be a little bland. If you want to shake things up and be just a bit different, then you can go for the asymmetrical look. It’s harder to pull off than more conventional styles, but this is definitely a trend that has been pushing its way through the ranks of fashionable celebrities over the past few months.

The easiest way to pull off an asymmetrical look is to use a hanging blouse or dress. These naturally fall off of one shoulder, giving you an off-kilter look. Keep in mind that this style makes you look a little bit dangerous and daring, so don’t be afraid to run with that. Use bold colors, unconventional style choices and dark makeup to give yourself a new and exciting fashion look.

Splash of Color

Some people liketo go crazy with colors, but that’snot what we are talking about here. This trend is all about taking a bland or uniform color scheme and spicing it up with a bold dash of color. If you are wearing ablack dress, you can stand out by pairing it with a neon bag. Your grey outfit can really look special if you pair it with green shoes. The colors don’t always shave to be wild and outrageous, but by adding some contrast, you can give yourself a look that instantly stands out.

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