ski break

Are you thinking about your 2015/16 ski break away? We’ve just booked our ski break and are going to Val d’Isere in France for the first time. We’re staying with Ski Bonjour who I have heard good things about and are taking the kids for the very first time (wish me luck).

Now, most modern ski resorts will no doubt have at least one shop within a good distance from your chalet, perfect to pick up those winter warmers and other essentials. But there are certain things – passport, tickets and money aside – that you certainly won’t want to forget.

To ensure you don’t leave a stone upturned, though, we’ve put together a failsafe checklist. So, dust off your suitcase and get packing – here’s your definite guide ahead of your long-awaited ski break. See you on the slopes…

Sun Cream – You may be heading somewhere cold – freezing, even – but don’t neglect to pack the sun cream. Absolutely vital for a week or weekend on the slopes, sun cream ensures that when the sun bounces off the snow in the mountains, it won’t damage your skin in the process. Choose a high factor product and take plenty; running out will equal a very sore complexion. 

Lip Block – A good sun protecting lip balm should be as important as a high factor sun cream. Make sure it comes high on your ‘What to Pack’ list and keep one in each and every pocket, to ensure you don’t forget it if you decide to change ski jackets half way through your break.

Ski Jacket – Where else will you store your sun protecting lip block if you don’t have a ski jacket? Joking aside, a good quality ski jacket is a must. Start your shopping early and make sure you get one you’re comfortable with and that offers the right amount of protection. Shops like Superdry offer a great range designed for those who regularly take ski breaks; make sure you head to the site to pick out your favourite in advance.