Many times I have been tempted by a visit to the Grand Canyon. As someone who has checked off that camping experience more times than I may have liked to – the Grand Canyon was something I thought might take a bit of planning for this luxury gal.  So off I go to find some top picks for a luxury grand canyon trip that also has a spa option for me to enjoy.

A spa may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to visiting the Grand Canyon, but when you plan on doing strenuous activities like hiking the Grand Canyon or adventuring to view the Havasu Falls your muscles will need some relief from all the work.  A massage may be echoing in your mind as if you shouted into the canyon walls where it keeps echoing back to you with each painful step you take.

When I first started looking, it was hard for me to find luxury Grand Canyon Spas that were actually close to the canyon.  It was then a chore to find some that embraced the environment surrounding it, but Organic Spa Magazine helped me locate a few luxurious options.

After much research I found that Scottsdale would be my base for a trip to the Grand Canyon.  This city embraces the spa culture and is conveniently located without a short drive to many of the most popular Grand Canyon spots. Of course the fact that Scottsdale is loaded with luxury spas did not hurt my choice!

Scottsdale would be my “camp” when I visit the Grand Canyon. It is a perfect place to pamper yourself after activities from head to toe. What a better place to nourish both body and soul!?!?  Scottsdale’s renowned spas provide national level wellness care. Treatments here lead the US for innovative treatments. Many spa treatments here are inspired by regional Native American traditions along with indigenous herbs.  You can also find spa treatments from around the world here without ever leaving the states.

So yes – I have now convenience myself to return to Scottsdale and most likely my fave The Canyon Suites at the Phoenician.