Mistakes do happen and at times, plans change and you are stuck with a room that you have paid full price for and you will not use. When business meetings are postponed, business travelers are left with non-refundable hotel reservations.

Roomer’s Goal Is to Make Travel Tradable and Exchangeable has made it possible to trade and exchange hotel reservations. Business travelers, who are always having change of plans, at the last minute, will appreciate this kind of flexibility. No matter where your travel will take you, you can have the consolation that you do not have to be stuck with non-refundable hotel reservations. With the click of a button, you can sell your hotel room and get a portion of your money back.

The Smartest Way to Sell Your Hotel Room

Roomer is a peer-to-peer marketplace that makes use of state of the art technologies to facilitate the sale of non-refundable hotel reservations. Therefore, if you have booked a room by accident or plans have changed and you will no longer be using a room, you can have peace of mind that there is a platform that will cater for your best interests and help you get a refund.

Seamless Room Transfers

With Roomer’s dedicated Reservation Transfers system, you will be able to sell your hotel room in the most seamless manner possible. Selling hotel reservations has never gotten easier than by the use of Roomer’s redundant technologies.

All that you have to do is to register for an account and indicate the details of the hotel room you want to sell and the desired selling price. After all the details have been captured by the system, the dedicated internet technologies of this company will make your listing to be visible to people who may be interested in buying your room.

Once a buyer has expressed interest and willingness to buy your room, Roomer’s systems will immediately get to work facilitating the transfer of your room from your name to the name of the buyer.


You will receive an email notification as soon as the transfer is complete. You do not even have to check with the hotel to make sure that names have been changed.

Roomer will take care of everything and once someone purchases your hotel room, they will double check to make sure that names have been changed.

You Will Not Get a Total Refund but You Will Get A Good Deal

Roomer sells unwanted hotel reservations at discounted prices. From the perspective of a buyer, this is a great place to make a saving on the next hotel booking.

The seller is saved from sky-high cancellation fees and the possibility of losing the entire booking amount. To be able to make a sale quickly, you should offer at least 30% discount.

This means that you will be able to recoup 70% of the booking amount, which is much better than nothing.

The Safest Way to Sell Unwanted Hotel Reservations

Online marketplaces are not known for their safety. However, is a risk-free marketplace. The engineers behind this platform have gone out of their way to facilitate the highest level of safety.

Anti- fraud systems and anti-fraud teams are always working around the clock, to facilitate the security and safety of buyers and sellers.


Roomer’s secure platform verifies every single transaction that takes place on the site. Buyers have to pay all the necessary fees, upfront. Immediately after you sell your hotel room, you will receive an email notification. All payments are held securely courtesy of PayPal Adaptive Payments.

Rock Solid Payment Guarantee

Those who are using Roomer to sell unused hotel reservations can rest assured that they will receive their payments.

Sellers will benefit from unrivalled seller protection that encompasses the concept of payment guarantee. After listing your room on this platform and subsequently managing to sell your hotel room, you will get paid 10 days after checkout.

This is done so that to avoid fraud. The payment will be held in an escrow account for 10 days after which you can withdraw it using your desired payment method.

Hotel Room Cancellations Hurt The Entire Value Chain

When a room is cancelled, the customer has to pay cancellation fees and this can motivate him to live a bad review for a hotel. Cancellation makes the travel agent to lose his commission. Hotel room cancellation can make a hotel to lose a return customer.

The hotel will also lose close to 30% extra income that could have been spent by the customer buying foods and drinks during his stay at the hotel for their vacation or business travel.

You do not have to lose money when you cancel hotel reservations. With the advent of Roomer, the phenomenon of trading and exchanging hotel reservations, has become the fad.

To sell your hotel room, all you have to do is a few simple steps and Roomer will handle all the complicated aspects.