If your travel plans for business or leisure are going to be taking you into Gatwick Airport then ideally you would like to be able to secure your hotel room right in the same area. Having a hotel near to the airport you are traveling in and out of can make things much more convenient for you, particularly if you happen to be on a short business trip where you may be in a crunch for time. Not only do you want to find a hotel that keeps you close to the airport but you also want one that is going to be a nice play to stay without costing you a fortune for each night you are there. You can find budget hotels near Gatwick Airport that can provide you with everything that you are looking for so you can have the stay you want most.

Looking for the Best Price

You may find many options available to you when you are looking at Gatwick Airport hotels, but not all of them are going to meet all of the criteria you have set out. While there may be some that are near to the airport, their prices may be just too high for your own personal budget. You may also find some inexpensive options, however these hotels may not have all of the amenities you need or give you the comfortable and clean stay you are expecting, leaving you feeling as though you have wasted your money. You can get just the right mix of great price with comfort when you look at the best budget accommodation near Gatwick Airport – the Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick Crawley.

Savings and Comfort in One

When you stay at this Holiday Inn Express you will be just less than four miles away from Gatwick Airport, placing you very close so you will never have to be worried about getting to the airport on time. The convenience of being that close allows you to relax more and not stress about getting back and forth when necessary. The hotel features all of the amenities you could want in a hotel, including comfortable bedding, wireless Internet access, private bathrooms, flat screen televisions, ample work space in your room and more. You can also take advantage of the free breakfast available each morning of your stay to help you get your day started right. Best of all, you get all of this convenience and comfort and one of the best rates of any hotel in the region.

The next time you are making your travel arrangements and will be using Gatwick Airport, make sure you check the accommodations available at the Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick Crawley. You will find that they have everything you want in a hotel with fantastic budget rates to help make your trip easier, more relaxing and more affordable. Do not forget to look at the special offers and promotions available for the time of your trip so you can get even greater savings.