We are living in a society in which health and beauty are held in high regard. Having this in mind, people are constantly willing to make improvements and to seek new solutions that will allow them to live better and more fulfilled life. However, even with our attempts to make everything better for us, there are simply certain things on which we have no influence. One of them is aging. Many of us are looking for ways to fight aging, so whether you are doing it hopefully for yourself or for your family – here is an option.

Basically, the reason why we are getting old is because cells in our organism are slowly getting to a mature stage and after that, they are slowly dying out. This impacts every organ and tissue in our body including the biggest one – the skin. The most important cells in skin are hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Every one of them serves its purpose and retains elasticity, moist and color of this tissue. Without them, skin slowly starts exhibiting signs of aging; it becomes dry, course and wrinkles start appearing on its surface. Even though this is not a dangerous problem, it can create an enormous impact on our appearance. This can affect our love life, professional success and confidence. Luckily, today there are various ways that help us counter this issue.

Among different forms of treatments that are presented to us, medical fillers are regarded as the newest and most advanced. By using these drugs, we are able to restore lost substances and regain previous look. Usually, hyaluronic acid and collagen are used as the basic component but some medicines also have complex substances within them. Specialists from Doctor Medica suggest that medical fillers are in fact supplements, not drugs in the widest sense.

There are many positive benefits to medical fillers that are alluring to patients and medical professionals alike. Having in mind that these drugs are usually made from organic substances, body can easily absorb it within days. Furthermore, results are almost instantly visible. Besides that, body can recognize these substances as if they are part of the organism. This means that medical fillers rarely cause any side effects and that there will be no residue of any sort. After a while, drug will run through patient’s body without any long term consequence for the skin or biological system in general.

Treatment that uses medical filler is quite basic. Doctor will take a syringe with a drug such as Ellanse and inject it in certain points in skin. This usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes and after that, patient is able to return to normal activities. Ellanse lasts from 1 year to 4 years within the body (in depends on what particular product you are using). After that, you can take additional shots to prolong the effect. After medical procedure, patient shouldn’t do anything that can irritate the face.

Side effects of medical fillers are often negligible. In most cases, needle itself is a problem because it can cause different types of irritations such as redness, bruising, swelling. However, most of the issues are gone within a week.