When people envisage a holiday in Cuba, it usually entails beautiful tropical beaches, interesting, cultural tours of the old towns, and wild nightlife. While you are definitely likely to find all of this during your trip, Cuba has so much more to offer – including high luxury Cuban spas.

Cuba might not be renowned for its spa breaks, but if you consider the natural beauty of the country, it’s not hard to imagine that the treatments on offer here are luxurious, effective and unique.  There are a wealth of brilliant spas across the island, and they could be the location for your next  spa break.

Spas are big business in Cuba

In the Caribbean, grooming and taking care of your appearance is a big part of the lifestyle – so it’s no wonder spas are so popular in Cuba! You can take advantage of the  importance placed on looking after yourself by sampling as many treatments as you can manage! Across the island, everything is offered, from traditional spa treatments – like facials and massages – to more beauty salon inspired techniques like eyebrow tinting. You’ll often find that the treatments have a unique, Cuban twist; for example, sulphur face masks are hand made using ingredients collected daily from the seabeds of local beaches. If you’re looking for a really authentic, unique spa trip, Cuba can definitely deliver!

Cuban spa breaks are a unique experience

A spa break in Cuba may not be the most glamourous you’ve ever experienced – unless you’re visiting a top resort or hotel, the facilities may often seem more basic and functional than you’re used to – but this doesn’t mean it’s not worth the trip. Cuban spas are fuss free, but they certainly get the job done, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and groomed enough to reach the high Caribbean standards!

There are, as previously mentioned, resorts and hotels that can offer real luxury, traditional spas. But it’s equally worthwhile exploring the towns of Cuba to find more rustic and authentic beauty salons, that can take care of your grooming needs, such as mani/pedis and hair treatments to a standard that is just as high. And anyway, when you’re in the Caribbean sunshine, surrounded by the stunning tropical beaches found in Cuba, any location seems like the height of luxury!

Include a spa break in your Cuban holiday

You might like to include a spa break as part of a longer holiday in Cuba. Esencia Experiences are a travel company who specialise in organising bespoke Cuban holidays, and in their experience, spa breaks are a popular choice to include as part of a honeymoon or wedding trip. Of course, no matter what type of holiday you’re planning on enjoying in Cuba, a spa trip will always be a welcome addition!

Cuba may not be at the top of your list for luxury spa destinations, but it definitely should be. You can enjoy the highest quality pampering while basking in the Caribbean sunshine – what more could you want?!