If you ask anyone that has lived in or visited Puerto Rico what is the one place you need to see when you are in the country they all will tell you (outside of the beaches of course) that the place you need to go is to the Bacardi factory. The Bacardi factory is perhaps the top tourist attraction in all of Puerto Rico, with hundreds of thousands of people coming to the factory each year to learn all about its history in the rum making industry. If you really want to make the most out of your trip to Puerto Rico and seeing the Bacardi factory then you will want to make sure that you arrange for a Puerto Rico Bacardi Tour for you and your group.

Seeing the History

The Bacardi factory has been a staple in the Puerto Rican industry for many years and is known all around the world for the quality of the rum they produce. When you take a guided San Juan Bacardi tour you will get to go directly to the factory and be led through the grounds so that you can see all of the history of the company itself and the process that goes into making the fine rum that they produce. You will learn all about the sugar cane used in the process, the history of rum in the Caribbean and the important role it plays, the Bacardi family and you will see just how the rum is made. The factory is filled with all kinds of photographs, memorabilia, vintage advertising and bottles and much more. You will even get the chance to sample some of the rum for yourself. If you really want to get the most out of the Bacardi factory tours you will want to arrange to see the area with Go! Tours Puerto Rico.

A Guided Tour Makes a Difference

When you elect to use this service for a guided tour you can get a private tour conducted for you and your group by a very experienced tour guide that has deep knowledge of the Bacardi Company and of Puerto Rico so they can provide you with insight and answer your questions with ease. You can also be picked up right at your hotel, cruise ship or wherever you may be staying and transported right to the factory as there are a variety of cars, vans and buses used to fit all sized groups. This allows you to get back and forth to the area with great comfort and ease.

When you are planning your trip to Puerto Rico and want to make the Bacardi tour an essential part of your trip, be sure to check out the tours available from Go! Tours Puerto Rico. You can check the website, ask questions and get a quote for the cost of your tour and make arrangements easily so you can be sure to get to see this famous Puerto Rican landmark during your trip.