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If you’re looking for a healthy holiday haven to recharge your batteries, detox your body and cleanse your mind, look no further than the idyllic shores of the south of England. Whether you’re a fitness freak, an adrenalin junkie or a Zen master, Southampton and the surrounding environs have something for you. Of course, there’s always the beachfront if things get too hectic!

With a plethora of cheap flights from the UK to choose from thanks to companies such as Flybe, and affordable accommodation popping up all over the place through sites like Trivago, there’s no really no excuse not to reward yourself with a short break in the south. Here are a handful of healthy ideas to satisfy body and mind and return you to the daily grind full of joie de vivre again.

You are what you eat

A healthy stomach is the first important step to achieving a healthy body and mind. Thankfully, the health food craze has taken a firm grip in the UK, including Southampton and its neighbours. Healthy Eating Out is a fantastic index of health-conscious restaurants that are flexible with their menus to accommodate dietary requirements. Alternatively, Happy Cow is a comprehensive list of health food shops and vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the country.


Be mindful of mindfulness

Achieving spiritual peace through physical disciplines such as yoga and breathing exercises and focusing your mind with meditation – all of these are core facets of mindfulness. Southampton is a hotbed of mindfulness centres, including therapeutic locations such as The Yoga Garden. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for like-minded individuals to share your state of mind, check out Mindfulness Meditation Meetup – a site uniting spiritual aficionados across the globe.

Get the blood pumping!

There’s nothing quite like a rigorous workout to help cleanse your body and sweat out your toxins. Why hit the gym when Southampton is home to Calshot Activities Centre, one of the biggest outdoor adventure centres in the UK? Offering pulsating pursuits such as rock climbing, windsurfing, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, archery and track cycling among others, Calshot is the perfect place to fine tune those muscles and get in shape.

Arboreal adventure

If you prefer to get your adrenalin fix among the treetops, Go Ape is certainly the holiday for you. With centres located all over the UK (including several dotted along the south coast), the centre offers alpine adventures such as zip-lining, forest segways and treetop treks. It’s even perfect for the little ones, with junior quests offered too! Going bananas among the foliage has never been more fun.


Pamper yourself silly

After working up a sweat at one of the adventure centres, why not kick back with a relaxing massage or a spell in the spa? The Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton is one of the south coast’s premier beauty and relaxation centres. With luxurious treatment packages offered to both sexes, the spa is ideal for soaking in a hot tub or treating yourself to a facial. (We won’t tell anyone if you skip the exercise and head straight to the spa, either!)


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