What makes a good hotel bathroom? Is it the double sinks? The separate water closet? A huge soaking tub? Well for me it is all about spa showers.  What is it for you?

When I was in Quebec City, I encountered a shower that today I still reminiscence about frequently. Now a spa shower could mean that you can walk right in (along with enough room to invite a few friends), have multiple shower heads, and even have alternating color lighting.  So what may you ask makes this one special? First it reminded me of a friend of mine’s Insignia shower in their new house. Next I realized it had steam, YES STEAM – I had my own steam room in my hotel room. Not that is what I call luxury accommodations.

I will say that it took me a small amount of time the first day to read the instructions placed on the wall beside the spa shower (see the photo above). At least it was in both English and French. Most things in the Quebec Region are in French. Yes you are only a hop, skip and a jump from Newark Airport but when in Quebec City you are a world away!

Sometimes it is not about the shape, size, sheet count or butler that make a hotel room grand.  It can be other things that might resonate with a certain guest and boy did this resonate with me.  I spent so much time in the bathroom each day that I was almost late for all my appointments.

All Things Luxurious and Refreshing in Quebec



Above you will find a photo of my room.  I did get a sneak peek at a newer luxury wing that was more of what I am accustomed to for a few seconds.  I do hope to stay in this area too next time I visit Le Bonne Entente, but the big question is…is there a steam shower?

After further research I see that Le Bonne Entente now has Spa Suites – hummmm I think it is time for Ava to head back to the Quebec Region soon!!!