There are few settings in the world that provide you with more scenic beauty and luxuries than the southern coastal areas of Thailand. Situated on a peninsula that juts into the Andaman Sea, Phuket might be the ultimate beauty spot of the area, featuring everything from remote and serene beaches to fine dining, nightclubs, and bars. If you’re looking to plan your holidays in Thailand, here are just a few reasons why Phuket will not disappoint.

Luxurious Hotels

The luxurious hotels of Phuket have some of the best ocean side views in the world, combining the lovely ambiance of the island’s tropical foliage with amenities such as hot tubs and infinity pools. Many of the more private options even have small individual pools allocated to each villa or cabana allowing guests multiple swimming and sunbathing options.


Exclusive beaches and lagoons

For those who love spending time at the beach and enjoy the opportunity to spread out their days between rocky lagoons and long, uninterrupted stretches of sand, there are few other places in the world that will give you Phuket’s kind of variations of coastline. Some of the best beaches include: Freedom Beach, which sits at the end of a one kilometer trek through the jungle; Banana Beach, which has become more popular recently, but still maintains its untouched look; and Paradise Beach,whose boulder dappled sands and turquoise waters are perhaps Phuket’s most secluded. Then you have plenty time to enjoy these things to see in Phuket Fantasea.

Fine dining and nightlife

Heading into the island’s main city, Patong, visitor’s will find a whole host of great dining and drinkingexperiences, from the ultimate Thai fine dining options, to exhilarating night clubs, bars, and discos. Some of the island’s best restaurants are Le Versace in Patong, which is the highest open-air restaurant in Patong, featuring stylish décor and serving up fine French cuisine. Breeze at Kape Yumis a newcomer to the Phuket scene, but its rotating menu uses only the best and freshest local produce.

Amazing activities

Whether you’re a fan of exploring reefs by scuba diving and snorkeling, relaxing at the spa with a massage, surfing and parasailing, rock climbing, or hitting the links, Phuket has you covered for virtually all the activities you can imagine. The azure waters and lush island interior are all ripe for exploring, and you won’t ever be bored.For anyone looking for the perfect mixture of serenity and fun, you will not go wrong by heading for to Phuket for your upcoming holidays.