We do not need a reason to celebrate ourselves! We should always be sure to take care of ourselves and celebrating YOU is always a good thing! That is why I love Massage Envy’s new promotion to #CelebrateYourFace.  They along with Murad are offering you the Summer Glow Skincare Event from July 5th to August 2nd with special deals on Murad Facials & a free gift of Murad Skincare to take home with you! Discover my experience at the Massage Envy in Columbia, SC.

So Refresh Yourself today with a visit to Massage Envy!

SAVE $10 off Murad’s Healthy Skin Facials July 5th-August 2 at your local Massage Envy Spa plus Free Gift

CHALLENGE:  Celebrate Yourself by booking this skincare special & #CelebrateYourSkin and YOU!


Massage Envy was sweet enough to allow me to visit one of their amazing locations, so I could try out their results oriented spa treatments.

The facial gave me immediately results.  I don’t say this lightly, since many give no viewable results, some take days to weeks and some do nothing but make your face feel clean.  The Murad Facial gave me immediately results that were viewable in my own bathroom mirror that very day.  My skin glowed, was more uplifted, had less redness and a more even tone.  One little wrinkle that is trying to show it’s face was even hiding for a while.


Before this facial I was not too familiar with Murad, but did know it was a well respected brand.  NOW, I want to try everything they offer.  When I mentioned a few hard to find products (eye cream with SPF, spot fading hand creams) to my esthetician, she was delighted to answer yes Murad makes these and they have them there at Massage Envy.


Also that day I was allowed to experience a 60 minute massage that made me melt right into my heated massage table. After a stressful week of family adventures, it was really time for some ME time.  I bet you need some ME time too! So luxurious was that face that after my massage, I did not even have to change rooms for my facial. This is not always the case at many spas.  I found the experience more equivalent to a spa journey offered at many luxury spas.


A big question for some of you is “Did this luxe girl find luxury at Massage Envy?” The answer is YES.  From the customized assessments, remarkable staff, relaxing lounge, respected products, and overall care of wellbeing, I found Massage Envy to be more favorable than many spas that I visit that may be deemed luxury.  I can’t say enough about the amazing staff. They are great for the experienced spa gal or even if it is your first spa facial or first massage.

Now I do not think of Massage Envy as just a place for a quick fix massage – although you can get that there too! I could go on and on about how impressed I was this this location of Massage Envy. I will definitely be back!

Just think that the next time you head to the store, there is probably a Massage Envy very near by.  You do not have to add a lot of time to your day to stop by a Massage Envy and turn your day into something amazing!