In 2014 the beauty and healing properties of pearls were popping up everywhere in beauty and wellness circles. Although this is a relatively new treatment buzz, pearl cream has actually been around since the Ming Dynasty of Ancient China. Pearls have been ground down to a fine powder and added to creams and scrubs because of their properties to cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin. Pearl extracts also possess anti-aging properties and help to fight the signs of fatigue.

Beauty Properties

How does such a little precious stone accomplish such feats of rejuvenation? The answer is in its chemical composition. Pearls possesses a high content of calcium, zinc, manganese, and 18 different amino acids, as well as other minerals, that can effectively hydrate the skin in a unique way – healing scar tissue, stretch marks, and lines caused from aging. Pearl powder also utilizes SOD antioxidants that help to fade blemishes and have been known to reduce acne and acne scarring. Also, the nacre organic proteins within the pearl, which gives pearls their luster, helps to improve skin tone and pigmentation, effectively working to brighten up one’s skin and make it look more vibrant. And of course the scrubs and creams work to remove dead skin cells as well, refreshing the skin’s appearance. In less complicated words, pearls are perfectly designed to tackle any skin problem.

Metaphysical Properties

Furthermore, pearls have been widely used in Eastern medicine because of their various metaphysical healing properties as well. Pearls are used in calming and centering treatments and are perceived to be spiritual tokens – Shen stabilizers – that nurture faith, loyalty, integrity, and purity. Pearls are said to support mood stability and relieve negative feelings of uneasiness, nervousness, tension, stress, and anxiety. This information and more can be found in this article: The Metaphysical Properties of Pearls.

Treatment Options

If you would like to harness the metaphysical benefits of pearls, sites like Mesenso have wide selections to choose from in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Often, these will come in a diverse assortment of pearl types, including Akoya, Black, Saltwater, and Mother-of-Pearl. For the physical healing properties of pearls, there are many spas that have been adopting a pearl-based beauty treatment, so you are likely to find one at various convenient locations. If you are ever in London, however, Thai Square Spa offers a 45 minute Mother of Pearl Body Exfoliation treatment for about $90 that will hopefully change your life! If you are on a budget, though, or want to continue this treatment after the spa, you can pick up the Mother of Pearl cream by Grisi for approximately $5-$10 on Amazon, or Concha Nacar cream which is also available on Amazon.

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