Sleeping and easy breathing are no longer mutually exclusive. SmartSilk delivers.

When is the last time you’ve gotten a truly peaceful night sleep? Probably the day after your newborn was capable of sleeping alone without the baby monitor, if we’re anything alike. Well, get ready for that to change.
SmartSilk is a revolutionary name in the bedding industry, and they’re here to relieve your annoying nightly troubles once and for all.

Do you have difficulties with night sweats, allergies, or asthma?

You’ve probably been in and out of doctors’ offices, constantly searching for the medicinal solution to give you that coveted night sleep, while the solution to your problems has been right under your nose (under your entire body, actually) the whole time. The answer, is SmartSilk.

What is SmartSilk? (No, it’s not Apple’s latest technological invention)

SmartSilk creates advanced bedding products that have been successful in treating various nightly occurrences that prevent optimal sleep night in and night out. Crafted from premium breathing and wicking materials, SmartSilk will keep you drier and more comfortable throughout the entire night. Their unique structure is proven to combat night sweats, along with menopause, and also employs a temperature regulating system to prevent restlessness and disturbances. No more kicking the comforter off and then pulling it on just a short while later. Everyone does it, except SmartSilk’ers.

The process that works.

A further difference between SmartSilk and their genuinely inferior competition lies within the process of silk extraction. SmartSilk employs a true “no kill” dynamic in the creation of their premium products. Only after the cocoons have dropped from the moth is the extraction process begun. Additionally, only pure, 100% long strand Grade A silk is utilized. If you’re searching for what exactly makes SmartSilk stand out, their top-notch materials and seamless process are a brilliant place to look.

Certified or we don’t believe you.

SmartSilk is asthma and allergy certified by both The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as well as The Asthma Society of Canada. Essentially, this prestigious certification means that all SmartSilk products are free of any harmful chemicals, and also ensures their ability to shield pet dander, allergens, and dust mites.

Chemical free. No, really.

SmartSilk was engineered by cleanly people, for cleanly people. Even if you’re not one of the unlucky folk that suffer from allergies or asthma, the SmartSilk lifestyle is still beneficial for you. Your new favorite SmartSilk bedding provides a cleaner and healthier environment than ever before, and will not harbor odors or be subject to mildew or mold.

A smarter sleep starts with SmartSilk.

Your journey to a better night sleep begins with the SmartSilk advantage. For an optimal sleeping experience, combine your SmartSilk bedding with the SmartSilk pillow and let the results speak for themselves.

Visit SmartSilk online at smartsilk.com and receive 30% off their entire collection for a limited time. When the traditional route doesn’t work, or health is simply one of your priorities, SmartSilk is there for you. Try the proven method in fighting allergies, night sweats, asthma, and much more by contacting SmartSilk today! The sleep of a lifetime awaits. Are you ready?