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With summer upon us and most people finding weather inviting them outside, the number of outdoor activities surrounding wellness is on the rise.  Recently, I have been researching states and areas that would be perfect to explore the outside through wellness activities. Well one of the states I stumbled upon was .

With an old love of hiking rising back to the top of my wellness activity list, take a look at all the places in North Dakota you and your family or friends can hike! Family fun is a real priority in North Dakota. Here are a few ideas for outdoor activities.

Everything from outdoor activities like hiking the Lewis & Clark Trail and canoeing to historical landmarks like Mount Rushmore and Indian Villages can be deemed a wellness activity.  If you are moving you are improving your health!

Look at all they have to offer!

Outdoor Activities:

Lake Sakakawea & Garrison Dam: The lake and its shoreline are

popular for boating, sailing, scuba diving, sightseeing, bird-watching,

camping and hunting.

• Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Theodore Roosevelt referred to his

time in North Dakota by saying, “Here the romance of my life began.”

One visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park explains his love affair.

• Maah Daah Hey Trail: The 98-mile main trail connects the southern

and northern units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, running

through rolling prairie and rocky badlands—home to mule deer,

coyotes, golden eagles, bighorn sheep and bison.

Disclosure: These are my own views for this sponsored post through Cooperatize Opportunties sponsored by North Dakota!