One does not have to be a big yoga person to go on a yoga retreat.  Maybe you do not get around to doing yoga in your every day life.  If this is you then you will be glad to hear that yoga retreats are for everyone.  They are for  those that call themselves yogis or for those just looking for a healthy vacation, yoga retreats are an amazing way to travel. So give yourself a big does of a healthy lifestyle while on your next health retreat or spa break.

Nothing is more refreshing than a yoga retreat. Yoga in unique locations inspires the soul to rebalance and relax. Here are a few yoga retreat locations that I have on my Goblet List (aka Bucket List). You should too! Check out these amazing vacation locations where your can express your inner yogi during your yoga retreat travel adventure! Here is my yoga retreat Goblet List!

While at ILTM Spa I discovered many luxury spas that had amazing yoga retreat packages, but Spa Village Tembok Bali stood out. This trip is one top of my list since it involved an entire spa village devoted to wellness.

A yoga retreat offers a chance to truly unwind and relax – so what does a yoga retreat at the beach offer? It offers all of the same along with early morning pristine walks along the beach, a warm ocean breeze and the soothing sound of the ocean.

I have done yoga on the beach in St. Kitts, but I have never been on a trip for the sole purpose of a yoga retreat.  Yoga Retreats have been steadily increasing in popularity and now are almost exploding.  I do believe if I decide to go on this type of wellness travel, it would be at the beach.

So you may ask what really happens at these retreats. Although yoga is the focus, each location offers such optional activities as surfing, cultural excursions and hiking. Guests can generally expect two or more formal yoga sessions offered each day with maybe another yogic type philosophy class.  Some yogis may choose to lead a meditation,  a pranayama, a mini meditation, a sutra or other style specific session. Retreats may stay at a specific location or have a few rooms or spaces designed for yoga classes.