I’ve resolved to help us all put an end to the frustration of swimsuit shopping, whether you are in needs of a bathing suite for a family vacation or a luxurious cruise. With the help of a few fashion experts advice, I have found a few things to think about during the swimsuit shopping phase that will definitely ease the pain. At least it will help you narrow down how many you take back to the dressing room to try or better yet try them on at home. These swimsuit shopping tips are almost guaranteed to ease the pain of the past!

11140230_10155504686745103_2570545559618849193_nCheck out these tips along with where you can order and try on in the comfort of your own home. I can’t promise you will adore swimsuit shopping, but I hope I have eased the pain! There are many flattering bathing suite options so don’t give up!

Try these tips:

Shop for suits with structure so as not worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Patterns also can aid in this area. Gathered fabric in the chest area can also distract.

A suit plus size suites needs to be sexy but practical. That includes sturdy straps, bra frame and substantial coverage in all areas. Be sure to emphasize the cleavage and concealing the hips and thighs with a possible wrap or sarong. Both solids and prints work here. Some have a faux wrap on the front that gives great style and functionality. Try these plus sized swimsuits at swimsuitsforall.

Small busted are sometime petite and also have the need to elongate their frame. A bright color ups the pop of the bust line. Also think retro to elongate the frame.

No need to compromise on an unflattering top or bottom, try a cutaway style that helps both hide and distract in an abstract way. It can be both sexy and demure at the same time.

Okay, now I have talked myself into a new swimsuit from Swimsuitsforall too!