Our body represents a group of organs, muscles and bones combined into one bigger system. Like any system or a machine, we do need energy in order to work. For people, that energy is food and water. These substances are used for all the processes within our body. Everything of value is being consumed while the rest is being tossed out. The problem comes when we put certain substances in our body that can’t be used for energy and they can’t be released. They stay in our body, unprocessed, causing potential problem for us. This is a serious threat for our body because everything that can’t be processed is like a bomb waiting to explode. Originally, these substances didn’t have place in our organism. With the development of industry and creation of many different unhealthy and synthetic products, we started introducing all these things into our diet.

As they say, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. To be honest, we didn’t even need most of the food that is being sold today. They are made because it cuts costs for the companies and provides a delicious product. Unfortunately, like many things, the better it looks, the worse it is. Whenever you buy fruit, vegetables or meat, be sure they are produced in a healthy environment without any additional substances. Although we can get genetically modified food at really low price, their nutritious value is reduced in comparison to real product. Introduction of many nutritious substances in our body is the point of eating. If something is not nutritious, it doesn’t have place in our body.

W Retreat & Spa Vieques Island - Tara Stiles (1)The way we prepare our food is the next important thing. Always try to cook everything. Frying and grilling is really bad because you lose most of the nutrition in the process. It may taste nice, but your body doesn’t get what it needs from the food. Similarly, always eat the fruit in their original form. Fresh and raw. All of us like candies. So, it is normal that we often use fruit as main ingredients in different pies and cakes. Even if the fruit is unprocessed, the cakes are filled with sugar. Our body can’t process it and it directly transforms into fat.

In case that we lack some vitamins or minerals and we don’t have time for a proper meal, try vitamin supplements. You can get them in any online pharmacy in Canada (or American pharmacy) and digest them really quickly. Just be sure that you trust the online drugstore in which you are buying your supplements. Otherwise, you might end up with a bad and unreliable product.

Our organism has all these processes hidden from our eye. They are all performed internally within our body. So, it is sometimes hard to know what is good for us and what is bad. Luckily, modern science has done all the experiments for us. Today, we can precisely know what to do and what to eat. Just remember that the fresh ingredients are always the best.