Michael Todd USA is a rapidly growing organic skincare company in the US. Their motto is “You’ll love what’s in it. You’ll love even more what’s not.” Never have I agreed with a beauty company’s statement any more. They have come out with a new beauty device for your eyes. How I adore most all beauty devices, but this one really impressed me.

Their newest innovation is a little device I like to call a magic wand your eyes. Their Eye Eraser Anti-Aging Serum Infusion Device is actually Three technologies in One. It is an anti-aging infusion device that maximizes the absorption of serums and creams applied to the face and eye area. The result is a more youthful, well-rested look.

eye_eraser_sealIf you ever wake up feeling a little tired, this treatment will revitalize your eyes and mind.  It is a sleek device that feels luxurious both in your hands and on your eyes.  The first few times I used it – I thought well I will have to wait a while for results – well I was WRONG! By just doing one eye at first and then waiting a few minutes, I was able to see the results immediately – I was sold on using it daily then. NO I did not leave the other eye unattended. I went ahead and did it too! Never have I seen this quick of results from a device – especially a beauty device in this very economical price range.

It combines sonic, ionic and thermal infusion technology in one, the Eye Eraser promotes natural collagen and elastin formation with a series of gentle micro-massages, while ionic infusion and thermal warming maximize the effectiveness of serums and moisturizers:


  • Maximizes the absorption of serums and moisturizers with ionic infusion and thermal warming
  • Warming action temporarily relaxes the pore lining for increased product absorption
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes natural collagen and elastin formation
  • Gently infuses product into skin at more than 150 sonic movements per second

Michael Todd also has other amazing beauty devices – check out Soniclear.

What do I really want to try next from Michael Todd? With the sun out in full force – their sunscreen!