Everyone likes to relax with a nice massage from time to time. We tend to overwork ourselves and put tremendous pressure on our body during the day. This is the right way to remove the pain from our body and heal wounds. Today, massage has become immensely popular and there is enormous number of people who are willing to invest in their body by relaxing it through massage. Normally, when something is popular, people try everything in their power in order to invent something new and promote their own service. This is why there are so many types of massages present nowadays. Therapists use all parts of their body, sometimes in ridiculous way, in order to pamper the visitors of their spa. These are some of the best and most popular massages today.

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  1. Shiatsu massage

This is a traditional Japanese massage which is done by pressuring the certain parts of our body, so called acupressure point. By putting finger pressure on these points, it is believed that the body energy, chi, is being released and afterwards it can flow unobstructed through body. By doing this, certain nerve point in your body are triggered allowing for better work of the entire body. It is usually a pressure in smaller area.

  1. Swedish massage

This type of massage is probably the most popular today. It might be referred to just as massage therapy. It consists of numerous, long strokes which bring soothing feeling to your body and often relieve pain. While doing it, the therapist is using oil. There are four basic strokes during this type of therapy: friction, tapotement, effleurage, petrissage. There are numerous spas which are offering this service such as Uptown Spa salon.

  1. Sports massage

Strokes during the sports massage are usually much harder. This is massage which is used for athletes but also it is recommendable for all the people that are straining their muscles and joints. In comparison to other massages, it is not only used for relaxation, but its primary concern is to reduce potential injuries in the future. While performing the treatment, specialists are also increasing the flexibility of the muscles and joint preparing it for future training.

  1. Thai massage

Similarly to shiatsu massage, Thai massage works by pressuring certain points in the body. Therapist is positioning person in certain position in which it can receive this massage. It includes mobilization of joints, acupressure and compression of muscles. Some people are also referring to this particular treatment as yoga massage because the therapist is positioning the client in different yoga poses.

  1. Pregnancy massage

As its name implies it, this is a type of massage specially designed for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women’s body goes through major changes which lead to increased stress to mind and body, different swellings and pain. In order to counter all of this, therapists are using pillows and special move set which will enable a good massage while protecting the baby and the mother.