Happy Spring! Everyone loves a great spa day, but now we can rejoice because Spa Week’s Spring 2015 Event is almost here! Spa Week connects millions with affordable spa and wellness treatments.

A question for all the Fab Spa Gals and Hot Spa Moms out there: When was the last time you escaped your routine and treated yourself to a nice long visit to a luxury spa? Last week? Last year? Ever? I know it’s hard to slip away when you’re juggling multiple duties within budget and a mile-long To Do List. But with countless health experts preaching the importance of de-stressing and self-care, “treating yourself” has never been more critical.

That’s why Spa Week is SO pleased to announced the Spring 2015 Event. From April 13-19, everyone can indulge in top luxury treatments at the best spa and wellness locations in North America for just $50 each! With a super easy booking system and a huge selection of services normally priced at $150 to $500, Spa Week helps you get pampered without wasting precious time or money.

Wondering what, exactly, you can get for $50 during Spa Week? The sky’s the limit. Services range from aromatherapy massage and rejuvenating facials to floatation chambers, laser light therapy, Botox and collagen treatments. Whether you’re interested in ancient Eastern traditions or innovative high-tech services, you can find what you need from hundreds of spa and wellness locations from coast to coast.

To get in on Spa Week, head to and check out the directory of participating spa and wellness locations near you. The directory makes it fast and easy to search by spa name or location so you won’t waste any time figuring out what’s available in your area. Even better, you can book your treatment straight from the site!

Times have changed, and so has the spa lifestyle. A landslide of medical evidence in recent years has established spa treatments as a valuable part of the healthcare spectrum, sparking a fresh wave of consumer demand for wellness services once considered too luxurious for the masses. In a time marked by economic uncertainty and anxious healthcare debates, Spa Week’s signature $50 treatments have helped over 1.5 million people take control of their health and well-being at premium spa and wellness providers across the country. The modern consumer now knows that the spa lifestyle isn’t limited to leisure and indulgence. Studies show that the vast majority of spa-goers visit spas with health and well-being in mind, with 72% reporting stress as a factor in their decision to seek spa treatments, according to the International Spa Association. The biannual Spa Week Events have played a crucial part in guiding consumer expectations in this evolving era of health, wellness and fitness, combining the most beloved and reputable spa, fitness and wellness facilities with affordable $50 treatments to open the spa industry to the world.

Now in its eleventh year, Spa Week is offering more locations and treatment options to choose from than ever before. Consumers can now affordably explore a vast range of spa, health and wellness services from massage and microdermabrasion to acupuncture and floatation chambers. Along with such timeless and innovative spa treatments, the Spring 2015 Event includes beauty services like Botox and eyelash extensions to rejuvenate consumers both inside and out.

To celebrate the 2015 Spring Event, Spa Week is also offering exclusive promotions and giveaways via and its social media channels. Consumers should visit as early as possible to browse the directory of spa and wellness providers and choose from their $50 treatments. Spa-goers are advised to book early in advance to access the most convenient appointment times for their schedules.

Spa Week is proud to remain a pioneer in the world of wellness, and the Spring 2015 Event will continue the mission to open up the spa industry to the masses by making luxury spa treatments more accessible and affordable than ever. With large and loyal followings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the Spa Week Daily blog, Spa Week continues to engage consumers with the spa industry in new and exciting ways.