Barcelona has everything you need; the mountains to the north, the beach to the south, and dozens if not hundreds of spas to choose from between the two. There is no shortage, from high quality names like 43 The Spa that cost a bit more, to affordable unique locales like Mayan Luxury Spa and Hotel Majestic Spa. And once the luxury pampering is over, should it really stop there? You can continue the bliss if your accommodation for the trip compliments the experience. So which spa should you visit and where should you stay for a wellness vacation in Barcelona? In this article we look at the top 3 and suggest luxurious holiday rentals nearby from OK Apartment Barcelona.

43 The Spa


One reason that 43 The Spa cannot be beat is because of it’s purely astounding views over the city. You see, this spa is located on top of Hotel Arts and was formerly known as the six senses spa (which you can read about here). Being part of the most famous hotel that’s frequented by celebrities, you never know who you may run into, if you’re willing to pay at least the €45 entrance fee to the baths. For the very wealthy, you may want to try their best offering “The Sublime Diamond Journey” – a 2 hour and 20 minute treatment with body exfoliation using diamond dust, magnetic therapy, facial lift, and a variety of sophisticated massage rituals. To book or for more information like a catalogue and opening hours, take a look at the spa’s website.

Where to stay nearby

2 - icariaBeach

There’s no reason for the pampering to end once you’ve experienced the delights of the 43 Spa, because this accommodation just 10 minutes away has its very own hydromassage hot-tub in its modern en-suite bedroom. Fully equipped from the kitchen to cut up some cucumber slices, to the free WiFi access to browse the web as you relax – it’ll be your own personal private spa! Take a look at its webpage for more details.

Mayan Luxury Spa

3 - MayanLuxurySpa

This 5-star spa has been rated as the best in Barcelona for three consecutive years in a row in 2012, 2013, and 2014. There is really no reason why it won’t win again for the 2015 awards either! They specialise in treatments with Mayan origins, like ancient ritual massages, beauty treatments, and the first Temazcal (aztec sauna using volcanic rocks) in Spain. Entry costs only €15, and beauty treatments start from €10. The Temazcal sauna was €30 at the time of writing, and for €140 you can hire various experts to perform a 40 minute “Mayan rebirth ritual” – an authentic tradition used by Mayans to be reborn as warriors but these days performed for newly weds or anyone looking for a new beginning. It’s one of the few places – if not the only place in Europe – that you can experience these traditions and more. You can get more information on this spa from the Mayan Luxury Spa website.

Where to stay nearby

4 - DiputacioEixample

An award-winning spa deserves a high-end apartment to match, and this 150 square meter penthouse delivers. With its relaxing private terrace, the sound of its waterfall will wash away your worries as you sunbathe on the wooden decking to soak up the Spanish sun. There are 6 single beds, so if you’re travelling as a group you can split the cost and enjoy this beautifully modern apartment at an even more beautiful price. Check the apartment page for more information.

Majestic Hotel Spa

5 - Hotel Majestic Spa

It may be a high-end spa on one of the most frequented avenues in Barcelona, but the Majestic Spa will transport you miles away without draining your bank account. Hydotherapy here is only €15, combining hot and cold water for a unique 30 minute experience. They also have special offers every month – like a €50 diamond dust facial exfoliation inside a bubble with 99.5% pure oxygen for a sense of euphora and refreshment; a temporary treatment that you’ll have to take advantage of before it’s gone. Consult more information on the hotel’s spa webpage.

Where to stay nearby

6 - lluriaPasseigGracia

With the money you save on the spa here, you could invest it into this luxury accommodation, whose bathroom is somewhat of a spa itself; featuring warm ambient lighting, a marble jacuzzi tub, and double shower for couples with rainfall shower-heads. It’s unadultered luxury that you can treat as a spa experience in itself. Reserve it now.

Those are the three best options for an amazing spa experience in Barcelona that doesn’t end when you leave the spa! The Catalan capital is already waiting for you to book your next wellness trip. What are you waiting for? ;)