Biking in Paris with pearls!

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Well if you saw how much I was dreaming about my London Apartment, it will not surprise you that I am now on the search for a home base in Paris. Now home base does not mean I am moving into expat territory, but it does mean that I want to immerse myself into my surroundings. Living as closely as one can like a local in a region can truly enhance your overall experiences while on holiday. So I am now off doing research on how to do Paris like a local!  

So my next spa vacation is going to be in Paris and I want to be centrally located in the area where most of the luxury spas are located along with a few of my favorite bakeries.  So the Paris rental apartment hunting begins by checking out multiple websites. House Trip just fit the bill for an enjoyable view of some lovely Paris apartment viewing.    


Me & Fa-Roan the true Queen of Paris who resides @lebristolparis cc: @MissSmartFlye @smchamb A photo posted by Spa Travel Gal Ava (@spatravelgal) on

I found one so close to every thing and it was even within walking distance (or cycling in as the Parisians do) to most of the spas I planned to visit while in Paris. Also finding a flat is a way to do Paris like a local on a budget too! My favorite way to see any city is on bike. Yes it can be a bit daunting especially with that Parisian traffic and those dang traffic circles, but you just get so much closer to Paris.  After I visited one time and took a 6 hour ride, I felt more like I could really get around in the city and be a true expats. Yes I did wear my pearls, Columbia dress and leggings along with a Tumi backpack with a pair of black pumps to put on for dinner.

Dinner was at the Oetker Collection Le Bristal Hotel where I was able to dine at their lovely award winning restaurant, 114 Faubourg. Awarded a Michelin star in 2013, 114 Faubourg has established a loyal clientele who make this their Parisian dining room, inspiring Chef Jean-Charles Cauquil to achieve new levels of excellence every day.

Just before dinner I had a special visiting come to my room to lead me to dinner! The famous cat Fa-Roan – who is the true Queen of Paris!