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Mexico’s favorite island destination is no other than the magnificent coastal city of Cancun known as The Mexican Caribbean on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Americans love it, Canadians love, Europeans love it – what is not to love? Beautiful beaches, scenic gardens, and electric nightlife; name it and Cancun has it. Just recently I checked where all my blog followers are located, so I want to remind them not to forget to bring their ESTA Visa for an incredible and hassle-free fun adventure.

Cancun is the Westerner’s favorite simply because of its tropical climate and of course its friendly people and the beaches. It is called the Mexican Caribbean for a reason and I’m gonna help you find out why. I made it even easier for you to plan your itinerary and find hip boutique hotels in Cancun; please take note though that there are more fascinating stuff that you can conceive yourself, hence this is for your reading pleasure only.

Cancun excursions mostly come in packages, the individual planned ones are often better but you can take comfort that the packaged ones are just perfect for travel newbies. The tours are plentiful too so you can almost always get a great deal.

Find resorts overlooking the Isla Mujeres, simply because the sights are just fascinating. The sand don’t get heated as you might think making them perfect for beach walking even at the highs of the tropical sun. If you are a good swimmer, the crazy sloping beaches of Cancun will simply thrill you. This is not for newbies though and don’t go there on your own because the slopes are sometimes too steep. You can find various vendors selling interesting souvenir items right on the beach such as traditional sarongs, handmade jewelry comprised of sea shells and many more. Don’t forget to smile back when the locals offer you one; if however you don’t feel like buying, just politely decline since the vendors can be rough at times.

If you book a hotel near the center, your kids will simply find the Interactive Aquarium site quite fascinating to explore. The only barrier between you and the colorful fishes is a thick glass and everything else feels so close that you can almost touch them. The experience is simply fantastic; don’t pass this opportunity to see lovely ocean creatures such as gigantic rays and nurse sharks; there is also a particular station where you can even pet them. Mind the ray’s stinger though and don’t become shark’s lunch.


To experience Cancun in a whole new way is through a self drive jeep safari. Go wild driving the jeep over challenging terrains; boys gotta be boys and the girls simply love it when you take the wheel and steer up the fun. Some of the trails lead to fascinating underground caves that are just perfect for snorkeling and crazy spelunking or you can simply explore the jungle reserve and explore mysterious Mayan ruins.

You can end your day with a relaxing spa on one of world famous Cancun Spa Resorts. You’ll be thrilled to experience Cancun’s own concoction of ritual techniques that ultimately lead you to a nirvana of stress relieving pleasures. Check out my experience at Iberostar Grand where I had the grandest luxury spa vacation in Mexico!

Have fun.