We all know I love a spa day as do you, but what is a gal to do when they just can’t get away to a spa.  How does one find the best relaxation at home?  First one needs to think about their most relaxing memories. One of my best memories that involves relaxation involved a trip to Quebec.

While in Quebec, I was able to visit Station Blu Spa and relax outside in jacuzzis and hot tubs. Outside is usually not me, so I was not expecting the results I received. Verdict – I did not want to ever leave.  Being in warm water (even on a chilly day with snow on the ground) has become not only one of my favorite memories, but something I want to replicate at home.  Well I may not be able to get the snow and running nearby stream like at Station Blu, but I do have the lovely blue sky to view.

How can I set the stage at home for my nirvana of relaxation? Get my own home hot tub.  When I looked around on the internet, I found the UK brand Isignia Portable Hot Tubs! I fell in love with them immediately. Their ease of use and the fact that they are portable makes them a winner. When I saw they had a spa series I knew they were for me.

So I hope to arrange my yard to find a new home for my own Insignia Portable Hot Tub  Take a look and pick yourself one out. I see they promise next day delivery. It may take a little longer to get to you in the US.

Looking for more comfort when you are lounging in your new spa? They even offer a comfort kit to hold your wine. Now that is a company that cares about your true comfort.