Image by A Vahanvaty used under the Creative Commons license.

Dubai’s remarkable growth over the past couple of decades has not only strengthened the UAE’s thriving economy, but also provided citizens and visitors with a wealth of attractions and activities to take advantage of.

In addition to superb shopping opportunities and extravagant hotel resorts, the country’s most populous city boasts some remarkable places to eat out as well. What’s more, seeing as between 75-80 per cent of Dubai’s population are expatriates, the multicultural cuisine on offer is immense.

So, regardless of whether you’re a long-term resident, temporary worker or casual holidaymaker, international dining is a must-try in Dubai.

Range of cuisine

Owing to the fact that Dubai is home to a large community from the sub-continent, there are numerous Indian restaurants to choose from. These are great for quick and casual meals or if you want to experience what life is like as a local when dining in Dubai.

However, eateries that have taken influence or been established by those from China, Southeast Asia and Persia are never far away either. If you fancy a taste of home, there are, establishments selling American and European-style food are in abundance too.

For example, LaSerre Dubai bistro and boulangerie manages to combine the charming nature of a Parisian street cafe with the sophistication of the city’s downtown. Here you can pick up a fresh pastry and people watch from the shaded terrace or indulge in the Mediterranean lunch and dinner menu.

Eating out etiquette and expectations

Despite its extensive expatriate population, the UAE remains a predominantly Muslim country, which means traditional customs and etiquette should be respected at all times. Even so, restaurants in tourist and business hotels almost always serve alcohol and pork.