Recently I was looking at a list on Elle about the Top 10 Decor Items and suddenly realized they were all made of rattan or wicker. So I thought since my own decor is kind of jumbled up these days I should start exploring the possibilities of using rattan furniture more for indoor decor. Also then I realized duh – it cost less too!  Since our new home is a lake house, the warmer weather look is popular indoors and out. Think sunroom furniture in all rooms or the beach home decor. Also the look reminds me a lot of what I see in many spa lounges in both Florida and the Caribbean. Any way I can make my home more spa like is a big plus!

For a modern touch visit Aram for your furniture picks or at least for some amazing decorating ideas. They have more than furniture. I found an amazing rotary tray while looking for a serving platter for afternoon tea on Aram.

Indoor rattan furniture can be even more versatile than you may realize, especially when you consider the many options available when it comes to setting the tone for your indoor decor. For starters, keep in mind that rattan isn’t the same as wicker, although the two types of furniture are very closely related. Rattan has a solid core that makes it especially durable and extremely functional.

A Wide Range of Color and Style Selections

Rattan furniture is available in a variety of color and style options, ideal if you’re looking to enhance your existing decor without completely redecorating or round out a particular room with some unique pieces. Decorating on a budget is always on my mind. When you consider the fabric choices for the cushions, it’s won’t take that much effort to put together a color palette for just about any theme you have in mind. If, for instance, you go with blue and white fabrics and a lighter wood, you’ll end up with a fun, nautical feel.

Breathe New Life into Any Room with Rattan

You also have nearly endless possibilities when it comes to how you can use rattan throughout your home. Rattan furniture can function well in a single room or provide some cozy seating for a sun room. If you’re looking for an alternative to clunky furniture that limits your use of space, rattan furniture can give you the style you want without the added bulk.

• Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Lighter fabric shades can make rattan an excellent choice for any kitchen and dining room area. Rattan chairs can accent an existing dining room set and provide added seating at your kitchen counter, island or bar area.

• Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Rattan furniture can be subtle or bold, serving as a focal point of your living room decor. With furniture available in many shapes and sizes, rattan can jazz up apartments with limited space or fill out more expansive living room and family room areas. In the bedroom, rattan pieces can accentuate existing furniture.

Can you mix and match rattan pieces? Absolutely! Rattan can easily fit it with wicker and traditional wood pieces. Rattan furniture is extremely versatile and looks great in modern homes with contemporary elements, classic country style homes with traditional hues, cozy summer homes and luxurious spaces. Due to the wide range of fabrics, you won’t have any trouble accessorizing either.