Quebec 2013_161

Well I have to say that Quebec City stays on my mind a lot.  After I visited there a few years a go, I had a new found respect for all of Canada. Any country that allows insurance to cover a monthly spa visit – sounds like a good place to me. This region of North America really gets the entire hydrotherapy thing so much more than anyone else on this continent. Quebec Spas entice you into a good soak – even in the snowy weather. Last time I was there I was treated to a visit to Station Blu Spa where I went through the entire circuit over 5 times. In between each I relaxed by the fire pit surrounded by snow in my robe and listened to the stream.

Quebec 2013_164

Live birds chirping and real running streams are dreamlike after all the preprogramed spa music we have been feed for years – so refreshing!   Yoga buffs will be glad to know they are possible plans to place a yoga garden nearby this magical area too.

Quebec 2013_460

Well if I could have slept there I would, but I needed a hotel and the Quebec Region was nice enough to place me in a lovely hotel. What do I look for first when I enter a hotel room  – a quick glance in the main area, then I immediately turn my eyes toward the bathroom.  A close second is to check on the coffee maker and/or espresso maker. A Nespresso was in the room, so I knew I would be able to function come dawn!

Quebec 2013_469

Even the hotels get into the hydrotherapy game.  Inside my room at Le Bonne Entente hotel, my bathroom became my own personal spa. It had an Insignia Steam Shower in the bathroom – all for just me. Either after a long day of shopping in the city of Quebec or after my luxurious massage at their Amerispa this was such a treat to come back to for relaxation. They also have an outdoor area to wander just off the spa lounge. Just be sure to read the instructions on the wall the first time before you use the shower in the room and you will be fine. At the Le Bonne Entente they were in French, but I got it figured out pretty well. The shower has a door that is curved and you are encircled in your own private spa world! It felt futuristic as you exited the shower. Definitely more exciting than a flowered shower curtain.

Quebec 2013_473


The rooms at Le Bonne Entente were extremely large and airy. The windows opened and had a view of the courtyard.

Quebec 2013_481

 Start your day with a variety of items – most important an espresso in the Nespresso!

For more about my Quebec Experience see this article of mine in the Canadian Elevate Magazine.