Over the past few months we have all been bombarded with family, friends, food and hopefully a pile of gifts (physical or emotional). The holidays bring a fresh start for a new year and this past holiday also brought my feet a fresh start too! As a writer and blogger – a ton of items land on my front porch, but the Amopé Pedi Perfect has become my most prized possession – and my feet are in love.

FACT:  This product has become one of my top picks for your beauty closet in 2015!

securedownload-11Since I know the season’s dry air can wreck havoc on your skin from head to toe – YOU know about a new product in dry skin beauty essentials that just the shelves this winter! It is a great to use at home or on the go, Amopé Pedi Perfect is new to the US and making a splash in the footcare department by offering women the chance to achieve smooth, luxurious feet without heading back to the spa.

Yes I said it – a home product that can be used to get spa results. I myself use it in between pedicures.  I just can’t be running off to the spa all the time can I – well it is just not possible.

TIP: Be sure to use on dry skin – best done BEFORE a Rose Petal BathFullSizeRender-2

This revolutionary electronic foot file helps remove rough hard skin revealing soft, beautiful feet effortlessly. Using a specially designed Micralumina roller head, the file exfoliates with a gentle and safe rotating action. It’s a must-have product for beauty lovers as it helps soften and renew dry calloused feet when they need some extra TLC, and all in the comfort of your own home!

Available at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Amazon, Drugstore.com nationwide.