Spa Stiletto Girls (SSG) Simplifies Media Tours for 
Large Resorts, Spas, Visitors Bureaus, Theme Parks and Historic Attractions All Under One Umbrella

RALEIGH, November 25, 2014 –  Spa Stiletto Girls (SSG) was created by a group of writers and public relations professionals that provide media familiarization tours (Fams) for one price, with an itinerary that is customized specifically for each tourism brand or location.

SSG has been informally providing this service for quite some time for resorts and hotels who knew that the team could produce the results that they were looking for. The team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies on their social media promotions and campaigns— and even spearheaded some of those strategies based on the client’s target demographics.



Ava Roxanne Stritt, Janice Brady and Suzanna Keith are just a few of the writers on the company’s roster. Stritt is the one of the most influential social media personalities on the subject of luxury travel and spas. A frequent contributor to the prestigious industry association, International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), she is the editor of her own website, Spa Travel Gal. Her expert views on consumer habits are sought out in the tourism marketplace and she is a consultant to many well-known travel brands. She currently writes for LA Travel Magazine, Upscale Living Magazine, USA Today’s 10 Best, USA Today’s Tripology, CBS News, Travel Mindset, Elevate Magazine, and soon she can be found in Destination Luxury. Brady is a published author, an expert on traveling without children and editor of the wildly popular site, Theme Parks Done The Grown Up Way. Suzanna Keith, editor of Tech And Travel Mom, is a former brand manager for the cosmetics giant Revlon and is an active political leader in her home state. All of SSG’s writers are vetted and must have six-figure  UVMs and must write for two or more media outlets.

For a flat fee, SSG works with the destination to create a dynamic and content-driven itinerary, flies the writers to the client’s location and provides basic meals and accommodations. “We found that vetting media, arranging travel and accommodations is a huge hurdle for resorts and destinations. The team wanted to create a program that included everything that writers need, so that the client only has to focus on creating the perfect itinerary,” said Stritt. 

SSG’s standard two-night Fam also includes sponsored posts, a social media editorial calendar, online advertising, four vetted media with 100k+ UVMs and who write for more than one outlet, pre, during and post event content uploads and wrap reports. 

The SSG executives use their decades of combined experience in the travel industry to fine tune each Fam. “Unless it’s an annual event or a grand opening, when I work with large resorts or casinos, I suggest bringing in writers during their soft periods. It’s simply easier for them to do their jobs when the location isn’t teeming with guests and it gives the client’s staff time to devote providing the writers with the content and photo opportunities that they need,” said Brady.

“It’s all about exposure and getting heads in the beds. Our writers write well, but at the end of the day brands want sales conversions. We start that path for them,” said  Keith.

Some SSG writers write for glossy magazines or websites that feature video segments. “With SSG, you start getting media hits long before wheels-up. We start your media well before the Fam and through the end of your editorial calendar. This isn’t just a one-shot deal. We intentionally promote our clients for months after the event,” said Keith.

As for the name of the company, Stritt laughed, “Honestly, a group of us, who are women, were out in the field doing research at this gorgeous resort. We had just gotten amazing spa treatments and were discussing our ideas over drinks. Since most studies find that the final-decision-maker for leisure travel is a woman, we felt the name just fit.”

About SSG
Spa Stiletto Girls(SSG) is a full-service, media familiarization company made up of world-renown writers who create custom, packaged, media familiarization tours (Fams) for the travel and tourism industries. 

SSG creates Fams for large resorts, casinos, theme parks, spas and tourism/visitors bureaus in the US and abroad. For more information and package pricing, visit SpaStilettoGirls.com.  


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Sara Brady
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