Whether you’re looking for great luxurious stocking stuffers this winter, or you’re looking for a pick-me-up to carry you through the end of the year, here are four products we’re into right now:

1. Sock It To MeSock It To Me claims to be the “funnest sock store on the interwebs,” and it’s put a little boogie in my step, too. These colorful, crazy socks make unique gifts (hello, stocking stuffer) that are useful, too. Look for socks with everything from unicorns to dinosaurs to cupcakes on them. Or every variation of stripe under the rainbow. Sock It To Me has become a bit of a cult company, and one cozy fall evening is a pair of their women’s Ankle Beard socks ($9), and I’m drinking the Kool-Aid, too. These are just too fun.

SpaTravelGal editorial assistant Aimee Heckel loved Lash Royalty lashes for her date night with her husband.

SpaTravelGal editorial assistant Aimee Heckel loved Lash Royalty lashes for her date night with her husband.

2. Lash RoyaltyEver wondered how celebrities and professional models can have such show-stopping eye makeup? It’s not just their professional makeup artists. It’s also the products said makeup artists use. And in the world of false eyelashes, all products are not created equal. Not even close! I recently discovered Lash Royalty, a favorite brand among beauty experts, and was amazed. The lashes were high quality and shaped perfectly, so they were actually comfortable to wear. (How many falsies can claim that?) Best of all, Lash Royalty lashes are shockingly inexpensive. Choose from a variety of different styles to create different looks, whether it’s a costume, a date night, a fancy evening at the “Nutcracker” or a glittery New Year’s Eve gala. My personal favorite shape: Chloe. This style looks effortlessly glam.

3. Vi Derm Vitamin C 20% Gel We all know vitamin C is good for your health, but did you know it’s also an excellent anti-aging ingredient in luxury skin care lines? Vi Derm makes an amazing vitamin C gel ($65) that contains the highest standard of an oil-soluble vitamin C. This antioxidant stimulates collagen production, will reduce inflammation, improve hyperpigmentation (and create a more even skin tone), reduce UV damage and make your skin look bright and youthful after only a few applications. Plus, it has to be the softest skin care line I have ever experienced. It glides onto your skin like velvet and leaves it feeling alive for hours. It’s not rough, like ascorbic acid and other products that can easily irritate your skin.

4. Crabtree + Evelyn London’s La Source Nail and Cuticle Therapy — The change of season means one thing for my nails: disaster. The dry weather in fall and winter awakens my hangnails, seems to dry out my nails and makes my cuticles overall look like I got my hand stuck in the garbage disposal. This fall, I’m enlisting the big guns: Crabtree + Evelyn London’s incredible nail and cuticle therapy cream. This cream, made with keratin and panthenol, will leave your nails looking glossy and healthy — not dry and flaky. Simply apply to your nails every morning and night with your daily routine, and your nails will transform. No more apologies to the nail technicians at the spa! I can keep my hands looking beautiful in between manicures — and preserve my polish for longer, too, because my nails are healthier.

Thanks to my “little sis” Aimee Heckel being my beauty gal recently & especially since I had my hand injury!