Beyoncé’s Bangs Can Be for Yours Too Today and Today Only.  If you check out a new discovery of mine.  First I want to say it must be a slow news day if we are all talking about a celebrity hair change.  Yes I know it is Beyonce but really everyone?  We all know she had this done in Paris and I thought most of us (well at least those of you my age) know that in Paris and the rest of France their bangs have always been shorter.  I myself cut mine shorter when I was there last fall.

Here is a new hair tool that I have discovered to quickly change up your look without being as drastic or as permanent as Beyonce’s Short Bangs!  With this tool you can have bangs for a day, thicken up  bangs you already have or  add volume to the top of your hairstyle.

According to Nine Zero One Salon Stylist Florido Basallo, who used the Hairdo Clip-In Bang to help create Selena’s look: “These pieces are a great option for those who want bangs, but don’t want to make the commitment.”

Hairdo Clip-in Bangs are easy-to-attach bangs that can change a stars or your look in seconds, without the commitment (no scissors required.) They are available in 11 shades here.