Please take your own safari and visit my favorite place on this earth - Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA.

Please take your own safari and visit my favorite place on this earth – Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA. Thanks to my pal Erin Nipper for this photo!

The spirit of adventure first captures us as like a child through a vivid imagination. As adults it rounds out our wildest dreams and is generally considered to be an unattainable aspiration. Life gets in the way and all of its dull practicalities blur the link between dreams and reality – then somehow we have reached one of those milestone birthdays (believe me I have reached a few) and we wonder what have we done or not done with our life.

But if we could just step back and allow the adventurous spirit to once again take hold of our hearts, its strength is enough to catapult those passionate desires into attainable possibilities. There is no better way to embrace life and the spirit of adventure than through the art of travel. If the idea of a holiday is pulling at your heartstrings, consider these 3 destinations to fulfill your wildest adventure.

1. African Safari – Venture outside the local sanctuary or  zoo and away from the cages and captivity and see the magnificent wildlife of Africa in their native setting. Tanzania offers spectacular views of the African bush and an authentic adventure experience. Everyone that knows me can tell you this is always on top of mind.  I regulate the thoughts by my volunteer work at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

2. Alaska – Recently I was teased with a press trip offer of an Alaskan Cruise and took an online look at the beauty there.  Also I have a cousin that went on an Alaskan Cruise and she loved it.  Her pictures from just a small camera were breathtaking. Travelers can carve out their own chunk of adventure by fishing Alaska’s many rivers for King salmon or taking whale watching tours in search of the giant humpbacks.

3. Europe – Well I just got back from Europe – but when I can manage the time this one will always win out. The rich history of Europe beckons almost any traveler seeking a cultural experience and adventure. From the hip vibe of Berlin (see a peak of my most recent trip here)  to the mysterious world wonder of England’s Stonehenge, the vast sights to be seen can inspire the adventurous spirit of all who journey to this diverse continent.

As the road of life carries us further away from our childhood imaginations and dreams, it is easier to lose sight of our spirit of adventure. But we are never too old to recapture that innocence, that uncomplicated desire to embrace the beauty of the world in its truest form. Women’s Own Adventure specializes in booking women only holidays that can fulfill your travel aspirations in case you decide to do it on your own.

I am finding that traveling alone or on woman’s only trips makes a lot of sense.  It makes logistics and planning so much easier.  No need to get someone to walk the dog or water the plants.