Credit: Addicted 2 Savings 4 U

Credit: Addicted 2 Savings 4 U

Yes it is really that time again – Holiday Shopping Guide time! Many of you will say well Ava it is only October, but do you know that I had a few friends tell me they are already done with their holiday shopping! So first I sat on my hands – so as not to bop them in the nose, then I headed back here to rally up the troops to get this party started….well you know what I mean. October is the new November – so let’s start thinking about those holiday shopping task now.

Most of you know that I am a Walmart shopper.  So much so – certain departments have ended up being my meeting rooms for unexpected business calls.  Now I am a seasoned Mom and I know that Walmart is where you need to shop for almost anything.  If they don’t have it they will have a perfectly good alternative. So here is…

Holiday Shopping TIP #1 – Start Your Holiday Shopping at Walmart You will be astonished at what you can accomplish there easily

So get your list ready and get ahead of many by finding your way to Walmart this weekend to get those hot list items now  If your kids have not let you in on what will be on their lists – check the items at Walmart – they know and they have them already. You can’t get better service from a store, than the anticipation of your holiday shopping needs.

JUMP now before it all flies off the shelves.  This is the calm before the storm – so float on into the store this weekend!

Moms don’t have the  flexibility to be procrastinators – IT is really hard to explain to kids that Santa ran out….so head to Walmart this weekend for a Special Event.

Walmart and their Holiday Toyland Events will be so much fun and help you get started on that list that you may be the one finished before Halloween THIS year!

Holiday Shopping Tip #2 = Head to a Holiday Toy Event to let your kids be toy testers and find out what you will be needing to grab from the shelves this season. That way you can be sure your choices are #ChosenByKids !!!

Here are the upcoming dates for the Holiday Toyland Events

Find one near you by clicking here –

  • Saturday Oct 11th
  • Saturday Nov 8th
  • Saturday Nov 15th
  • Saturday Dec 6th
  • Friday Dec 12th
  • Saturday Dec 13th

Tip #3 Oder Online –  When you get back home you can always order the items online at

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