Did you really think my passport cover would be any other color?

Did you really think my passport cover would be any other color?

Passports used to be perceived as luxurious accessories for jet-setters around the world, but due to today’s travel restrictions current passports are one of the most essential items to have while traveling. As a government document, this identification must be issued from federal officials or an affiliated business. Take a look at some of the details you must consider when purchasing a new or renewed identification. Current passport information is more important than ever for stress-free travel!

It Takes Time

A brand new identification usually takes between six and eight weeks for processing. If you intend on flying within the year, it’s a smart idea to start the application process immediately. Make an appointment with a local post office capable of handling these identification services. If there is any issue with paperwork or application fees, you want enough time to correct the problem before a trip. You cannot travel anywhere outside the country without that crucial paperwork in your hand.

Paying Attention to Expiration Dates

For adult passports, the expiration date is 10 years, possibly because your face is not likely to differ that much in 10 years. However, be aware of the expiration dates for children’s identification. Their passport will expire within five years. Their facial appearance changes drastically in this period, making it crucial to renew it with a current photo. If you have passports stored away, pull them out the moment a flight is booked. Everyone may need a new photo ID if it’s been a long time between travels.

Pictures Can Be Separate

It’s necessary to bring in two small headshot pictures of each applicant. Most identification processing centers advertise their photos are included with the application cost. However, these costs can be exorbitant. Look for an office supply store offering photo printing. Their services are usually cheaper than the government entity, allowing you to save some money on the vacation. The application fees for the identification itself are usually expensive because of processing and researching costs. Authentic identification must be thoroughly checked for accuracy.

Authentic Paperwork

You must bring in original paperwork to prove your identity. Birth certificates are the most common way of proving identity, but it cannot be a photocopy.  Remember all data is important, so if you must send it in digitally you may want to find a VPN connection for security. It must be an actual certificate issued by the city or state of birth. Be prepared with these documents to receive any passports. You will be declined for processing if any paperwork isn’t authentic. Do your research before taking the appointment to avoid wasted time.

Treat It Like Cash

Once the passports are in your possession, treat them like cash. If you lose it during your travels, you cannot enter the country legally. Visiting an embassy while abroad is usually the best way to secure an emergency document. You’ll need to verify your identity in some manner to enter the country again. Avoiding identification loss is your key concern. Keep the document in a purse or bag close to your person. Don’t check it at the airport or leave it in a hotel. Keep it safe for easy traveling.

Whether you’re flying internationally on a booked flight online or simply walking across the border for lunch, using your identification is crucial to keep your travel plans intact. Without proper paperwork, you may be held out of the country until you can prove your identity.