When it comes to your health, you may feel like artificial items are always a negative. After hearing about artificial turf and woman’s soccer for a week, this morning I started thinking about other artificial stuff.

For example, a Fort Myers dentist was quoted saying, while the artificial sweeteners in soda keep the sugar from damaging your teeth, they are not doing your teeth any favors on their own. The soda is still acidic, so it can break down enamel, and the entire impact of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners on the entire body is not yet fully known. Well I know that rough artificial turf is breaking down those woman’s soccer players skin – just a lot faster!

photoFor instance, some studies have actually linked fake sugar with weight gain that is on par with regular sugar, so that diet soda may not help too much. Believe me – I have been thinking about this one a lot later (gulp – but I am still chugging Sundrop way too much)!

Often, the biggest downside to something that is artificial, from a health perspective, is simply that people do not know everything that there is to know about these things as of yet. They are simply too new for all of the research to have been done. While researchers may know that there are not any short-term effects, how can they know if that is going to hold true in 100 years if the item in question has only been around for five years? The unknown is something that you do have to take into account.

Another thing to consider is how artificial materials can be used in restorative dentistry. What kind of fillings do you have in your mouth today? Many people opt for such services and procedures as a result of an accident or unsightly natural smile. For these people the benefits of taking advantage of the materials used in restorative dentistry outweigh any potential downsides. Yes – I have had a fuss or two with my kids dentist as I asked for white fillings instead of metal, but when their confidence is at play – it is a must.

You should put as much thought into the care of your tweet as you do when looking for your next workout outfit.  Some companies out there have even decided that while they are not considered a health company they still care about your health.  This fitness clothes website Onlysportsgear.com now have a Health and Beauty section for you too. Fitness actually is healthy for you, so I can see the relation.

Other people are tempted to reject anything that is artificial, saying that the downsides are just too great. A lot of this just comes from a stereotypical way of thinking, however, lumping all artificial items together. The key is to look at every item on an individual basis. You need to weigh the pros and cons and determine which items are best for you to use in your daily life at each time you come to a fork in the proverbial road. Just like shop for tires at a place like Tyre-Shopper or National.co.uk, you need to shop around for a place to work out.  I know those tracks made of rubber are much easier on your knees.  I used to drive to a place specifically like this to run, when I was training for a Disney Marathon some time ago.

What kinds of Mom are you – do you speak up about things with the doctor, do you go all the way natural only shopping for items that would be available at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or are you like me on the fence always teetering one way and the other depending on how the wind is blowing?