Taking a cruise to a tropical or historic destination has become a popular choice among vacationers in recent years. Whether it’s Europe, the Caribbean, or Alaska, you’ll want to make sure you pack and prepare the right way, so you don’t find yourself without an important item once you’re at sea.

With that said, here are eight items you should stuff in your suitcase when getting ready to take a cruise.


Whether it’s packing a preventative medicine or one that helps out when you suffer seasickness, you’ll want to prepare yourself so that you’re vacation doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Although cruise ships offers these medications, they’re usually a bit more expensive than if you buy them on your own. No matter if it’s a batch of a bracelet, Bonine, Dramamine, and Scopace will save your day when you feel seasick.

Also, don’t forget about the headaches caused by hangovers. There’s nothing worse than hanging out on a ship at sea with a crippling hangover, so either drink in moderation or pack a healthy dose of Tylenol in your suitcase.

Power Strip

This might not seem like an item you’ll need, but it’ll definitely come in handy when you want to plug in all your gizmos and gadgets at once. Cruise ships generally have only one of two outlets in each cabin. With a power strip, you’ll alleviate the hassle of trying to toggle between different devices. And yes, that’s a good thing on vacation.

DVD Player With Movies

OK, so one of the devices you’ll want to have plugged into your power strip is a DVD player. A lot of cruise ships don’t come equipped with DVD players and movie in the cabins – unless you’re in a suite – so you’ll want to equip yourself with them during your trip. Although there are plenty of activities to take part in onboard the ship, you’ll want to get away from the crowds and relax in your room at times. What better way than watching a movie.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

If you’re taking a cruise, chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time walking on the deck of the ship or lying out in the sun. If you’re not prepared, you could come back with more than just a nice tan. To avoid looking like a lobster and damaging your skin, remember to pack a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 15 and a pair of sunglasses. Even then, you’ll need to apply your sunscreen regularly. Bring some aloe in case you get sunburned.

Ear Plugs and Eye Masks

When you’re taking a cruise, you’re onboard with thousands of other people. With that said, not everyone has the same bedtime as you. Instead of subjecting yourself to the noises and lights you’ll likely encounter while trying to fall asleep in your cabin, arm yourself with a pair of earplugs and an eye mask. It’s better to prepare yourself as opposed to being the person who’s constantly complaining about other people who are just having fun.

Clothes Steamer

Stuffing your suitcase with as many outfits and items as you can results in your clothes getting wrinkled. Sorry, but that’s just a part of packing and taking a trip. Although some cruise ships have irons and ironing boards, a lot of them don’t. To best prepare yourself – and not be that guy or gal that has wrinkled clothes at the dinner table or nightclub – invest in a clothes steamer. Not only will these help get the wrinkles out of your clothes, but you can also use it to heat water for instant coffee or tea.

Empty Bag For Souvenirs

Viking Ocean Cruises stop at many exotic and historic locations. Many of these destinations have shops and vendors that sell an assortment of souvenirs. You might not think you’ll want them now, but it’d be a shame to get there and not have enough room for them if you change your mind. With that said, bring an empty bag for souvenirs and allot enough space in your suitcase so you can bring them back home with you.

Taking a cruise? Pack these seven items and you’ll be better prepared than you were before.