It’s always an exciting time when you’re redecorating. You’ve to decide on a color scheme, layout, what’s got to go, what’s got to stay. What are you going to add to a room? As exciting as this can be, it can also be stressful and expensive. Budgeting yourself is essential. How much to go on a sofa? A sideboard? But there are plenty of ways to save a bit of cash too. We take a look at some great little ways to make your life easier when budget decorating …

log tableCreate A Side Table Using old furniture or even trying your hand at a bit of DIY you can easily invent or reinvent your own unique side table for a snip of the price you’d find on the high street. It can be as simple as chopping up a log, and using some old table legs to match, it will reinvent your room and also give it a natural feel.

Go Natural Which is an excellent way to go. Giving your home a touch of nature will give it a wonderfully fresh essence. Shells and other beach bounty, alongside pastel blues and greens will compliment them beautifully. Every room needs a centrepiece and the likes of driftwood across a fireplace is the perfect focal point, and all it requires is a day trip to the beach – it’s a win win.

budget decorMake Your Own Art “Wow, where did you get that from?” The worlds that will be uttered every time a guest walks through the door. “Well, actually. Me,” will be the response. There’s nothing better than getting crafty and creating your own works of art. Whether you’re a fan of Jackson Pollock, LS Lowry, or Tracy Emin you can create your own interpretations and display them proudly in your home – although we don’t recommend recreating My Bed.

decor spaceDon’t Be Put Off By Space It really doesn’t matter how big or small your space is you can still make it fabulous. Of course picking the right items to display is essential, whilst colour schemes can also make a room feel bigger or cozier. A budget transformation can be done in any room; a fine example is the Wilson Family’s $2000 transformation of an old caravan. From a dark, dingy ex-holiday home, the family turned it to a modern looking space fit to live in all year round.