Many of us know a lot about skin care, yet we sometimes forget some of the basic skin care tips that are the golden rules of skin care. So I decided to give us a few rules of basic skin care that everyone can easily follow.  See how well you are caring for your skin by review these tips below.

1.  Use gentle cleansers

Taking care of sensitive, dry, oily or regular skin begins with gentle cleansing to remove the dirt, grim and makeup of the day.  In order not to stress out your tender skin and to maintain it’s delicate natural balance, be sure to use a pH neutral cleanser to be the best for great skin care.

2. Treat eyes with extra care

The eye area including the contour part of the eye is many times more thin and finer than the skin all over the rest of the face. Choose a specific routine for make-up removal in this area by using a gentle cotton pad to gentle swipe across the area with a specific makeup remover for this delicate eye area.

3.  Always moisturize

Moisture is essential to your body and most of your body is skin.  We of course need to drink your water to hydrate internally, but our skin also needs is own special moisture to maintain itself.  It is important to choose a face moisturizer formulate for your own skin type. These type of skin care products balance the level of water within the skin.

4.  Exfoliation is essential

Once or twice a week one must exfoliate. It must be effective yet gentle. Without exfoliation, your skin can not breath or absorb the other products you apply.  It also gives you a healthy glow.

5. Wear SPF everyday

One must wear sunscreen in a higher SPF every day, no matter is there are clouds in the sky.  This will aid your health for many years to come. Whatever the season, choose daily skincare products that include sun filters that will reduce the harmful effects of the sun, which accelerates skin aging, gives wrinkles, harms our beauty, can kill us and give us one heck of a sunburn too!