It’s the one time of year where you can spoil each other without having to share your joy with those celebrating other holidays from Christmas to Valentine’s. Whether you’re celebrating your diamond wedding anniversary or a year since your first kiss, here are a few unique and exciting ways that you can make your special day unforgettable.

A luxury spa

Naturally I’m going to recommend this one first, but there really is no better way to share intimate moments with your partner than at the peak of relaxation. You can find luxury spas all over the world, from modern health clubs to traditional Roman baths, and they’re a great way of unwinding and helping you get to know each other a bit better with quiet, undisturbed conversation. You can take a look at some of my favorite spas here.

A casino getaway

We’ve all seen enough Vegas comedies to know that you can have a lot of fun on a casino trip, and if you’re unmarried, you may even take the chance to be a bit spontaneous and hit the wedding chapel. Casino resorts allow you both to let go of your inhibitions and show off your competitive side, and if you know what you’re doing, you may even leave with a slightly heavier purse.

A thrill seeker’s vacation

The aforementioned Vegas has not only casinos and some very impressive Turkish spas; it also offers some great thrills for those who want to get their blood pumping on their anniversary. Try something new by taking a bungee jump together, or let your love reach new heights on a roller coaster – with so many thrills around the world, you can definitely make memories without having to travel far.

A tranquil cottage break

Sometimes just an excuse to get away from home is the best way to celebrate an anniversary. Consider hiring your own cottage or cabin out in the woods to give you both a little peace and quiet and the added thrill of being all alone. For an extra bonus, try a cottage that comes with a hot tub, which is a great way of relaxing in cold or warm weather. Bathing suits, champagne on ice, and you’re done.

A shopper’s paradise

Stuck on ideas for how to spoil your loved one? Why not take a day or weekend away to go shopping together and really spoil each other. Fashion forward couples can fly to Milan to check out some of the best designer clothes, or you can head to the Big Apple for a frivolous shopping spree and romantic kiss on Times Square.