What does that first trip to the lake or beach do to most spa travel gals? Make them reach for the self-tanner because true spa travel gals never get in a tanning bed.  They love their skin way more that that! Who wants to look old way before their time or worse yet get skin cancer?!?!  So say YES to the Fake Tan of Fake Bake!

Iconic self-tanning brand Fake Bake, the leading salon professional self tan and spray tan brand, have launched a new range of tanning products specifically for the consumer.

Fake Bake’s extensive collection of self-tanners provide a safe, easy way to achieve the coveted golden glow without relying on the sun’s harmful rays.  Fake Bake felt it was time to have a range of products that would be more readily available to the consumer.

Beyond Bronze gives you the flexibility to choose between a long lasting self-tan (Lotion, Mousse or Airbrush) or a last minute temporary tan, tailored for your skin tone. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a natural looking tan because the range has been formulated exclusively by Fake Bake – the USA favourite professional self-tan brand.