If you’re an avid fan of travelling, you would know that there is one thing that ALL travellers like doing. That’s sharing their stories. A lot of lessons are learned from striding off the beaten path, and while they are memories and experiences that you can take with you forever, sharing them with others can never hurt. If you’re a person who is constantly bit by the travel bug, consider making your own travel blog or any other type? I have been mentoring a few pals who are starting their own blogs, so I thought I would share these tips with you too!

How do you get started then?

  1. Organize your Content. So you have your travel logs for your last trips and a fresh itinerary for another one. List down some thoughts already of which locations you want to first write about, structure your posts so it isn’t too lengthy and so it is easy to read.
  2. pushpinsCreate a Schedule. Consistency is key to an effective blog. You can start off once a week, or every other day. Whatever you decide on, get a schedule going. You can start writing more frequently once you get the hang of things.
  3. Think of your market. What age is your blog geared towards? Are you geared toeards ladies, extreme sports enthusiasts, or luxe travellers. This will give yur blog a focus, and will also allow them to find you better on search engines.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Learn the technical stuff. If this is your first time to make a blog, there are certain technical things that you would need to learn. What’s a domain name? What kind of hosting should I get? These are some questions that you would need to have answers for. There are many resources on the internet for this, but I find these tips would be a great reference.
  5. Put personality into your design. There’s many ways to do this, especially with the many apps online now that can help you put text into your images. You can also get professional help from graphic designers. Don’t put too much as it might overwhelm your viewers.
  6. Write an effective About Page – Make your first post an introduction of who you are and where you’ve been. Talk about your passions and why you want to share your experiences. This will give people an insight into what you are about and will be able to better relate you and your posts.

Just like riding a bike, you can only learn if you try. There are more resources about blogging that you can find on the internet. Keep reading, keep researching. In no time you’ll be able to share your travel stories to the world!