Ready for a big holiday across the world? While the opportunities to travel have now grown tremendously, there are many reasons to still play it smart. Going wherever the road leads you may be exciting, but trust me, you don’t want any unwanted surprises. Here are some tips on how to become a smart world traveller.


  1. All important documents such as your passport and id’s should have a copy sent to your email, just in case – heaven forbid, that you lose it or it gets stolen.
  2. Keep your health in check. Let your physician know that you are leaving the country and tell him/her where you are going so he can recommend health precautions and important medicine to bring. Make sure to get immunizations. Bring ample amount of important vitamins as you would never know what viruses may be going around in international flights.
  3. Get your transportation sorted out before going to a country. They have information on transport online and on the main terminals like the airport. Take a photo of this information for future reference as they may only have it in local language when you are already travelling.
  4. Don’t just pack light, pack smart. Simply assuming the weather in your travel destination is never enough. Tropical countries are not dry and sunny all year long, it can also get rainy and humid.  Check the forecasts, research the dress code in the places you are going to, and be respectful of their culture.
  5. Make sure you have travel insurance. Find flexible travel insurance that will suit your plans.  It can cover a range of different undesired and unexpected incidents, like medical expenses, repatriation costs, flight delays, and cover for your personal belongings and baggage. Find one with a great support hotline and medical emergency response.
  6. Don’t over the free spirits. If you want the time to pass, read a book, watch a movie, write on your travel diary. As much as alcohol helps pass the time, you don’t want to be dehydrated.
  7. Get your finances worked out. If you need to transfer money internationally you can handle that before you go online at  Currency Fair. Be certain to review the exchange rates whenever you transfer money internationally. Also different places charge different fees to do the transfer. See an example of fees here at Currency Fair. Most of the time, exchanging within the UK will give you a better rate than when having left the country. If not sure, make sure to check the conversions online. It is also better to inform your credit card company of where you will be going so they do not block your credit card whilst travelling.
  8. Smile. A smile is a universal offer of peace. Whatever country you’re going to, be respectful and courteous. No one likes an arrogant and ignorant traveller, and you might get yourself in worse circumstances if you don’t understand this simple rule.