Excuse me for being tardy on sharing with you about my venture to the friendliest place in the Southwest – Scottdale, AZ.  I hope you have been following Scottsdale hashtag #ScottsdaleInvasion on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout my trip. After my stay in Scottsdale, let’s just say that if Scottsdale were a boy band, I would be their biggest fangirl for sure!

First up when I landed I was very pleased with how easy it was to navigate the airport.  It had a wide open fresh feel with easy to read signage. Once you get off the plane it is not long until you are in your rental car off to explore the friendliest town around. As I ventured to The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician, Arizona’s only 5 Star and 5 Diamond property, I felt so free. I had a simple sheet of directions supplied by the friendliest car rental associate in the world and I never even thought about reaching for the GPS on my iPhone. That is sure not the way it is at home for me in Atlanta or in almost any other major city.   As I arrived at the airport, the rental agency and then at The Canyon Suites everyone was so extremely nice.  Not that  “I am getting paid to be nice to you – nice”, but a real genuine nice as in it makes me happy to please you. I myself have been said to have this gene too, so I guess I am a good one to call them on it.  Also with my numerous jobs, projects and consulting work in the hospitality industry I know natural second mile service attitudes when I see them. The Greeters and the Ambassadors at The Canyon Suites are not an exception. They truly aid in making your stay just perfect for you and not cookie cutter. Also a big shoutout must go to the attendant in the spa boutique at The Centre for Wellbeing, she was so helpful again in a genuine way. More later on the new brand of yoga pants in the Spa Boutique!  

Then just like a Disney movie soundtrack – I heard the bird singing everywhere. The grounds at The Phoencian are filled with small wildlife like birds and bunnies. What?!? YOU expected me to break out in Pharrell’s HAPPY song about then.  No the mood was much too serene for for that beat.   Well already over 400 words and I feel I have not even begun to give you all the details about my new fav Spring Break location.  I miss Scottdale and it’s inhabitants too!      


There is so much more to tell you – I want to enlighten the world on what I feel is like a new discovery or at least for me.  How did I go so long without knowing the wonders of Scottsdale.  So here’s the plan. I am going to tell you much more – so much more that I need bullets!

* Scottsdale, AZ

* The Canyon Suites

* The Phoenician

* The Centre for Well-Being Spa at The Phoenician

* Alfresco Dining in Scottsdale

* The FnB

* The Pig and Pickle

* Il Terrazzo

* Tips on Climbing Camelback Mountain

* Grand Master Sommelier Wines

* Picturesque (through the lens of my Nikon D3200 & iPhone)

* Shopping in Scottsdale


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As I post on each of the topics above, I will link to the bullets list.

Disclosure:  My trip to Scottsdale was in conjunction with the #ScottsdaleInvasion, as I was sponsored by Experience Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Centre for Well-Being at The Phoenician.  This in no way influenced my remarkable experience.