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Well I have thought a lot about where to take you next for your virtual ride-along #ScottsdaleInvasion.  Somehow chronologically just did not feel right when I knew you were all waiting for me to break out into a Spa (aka song)! So here we go – get ready to discover The Centre for Well-Being – A Luxury Scottsdale Spa at The Phoenician!

Preparing for my visit made me a bit anxious.  I had only arrived at the Canyon Suites in time to check-in and scurry over to the spa. I knew that the Centre for Well-Being had always been known as a leader in mind-body-soul therapy, so I did not want to be late and miss my appointment time. Thus it did not shock me too terribly much to discover that they that day became the first spa I have visited in the U.S. to own a true intuitive services section of their spa menu.  Which was a hot topic at ILTM Spa this past year, thus I truly hope that The Centre for Well-Being attends ILTM Spa 2014 which is held in coordination with The Tatler Spa Awards (yes it is an exciting event for a spa travel gal)!

Yes – I have found in the past a few scattered Reiki treatments in the US, but not a full intuitive section of a spa menu.  They even have a longer list than Harrod’s Urban Retreat in London, but I must return to Scottsdale to see if they have a Katie Winterbourne (Harrod’s Intuitive Healer) as well.  Sad to say I did not get to try any intuitive healing spa treatments from this section of the spa menu, but that is always a good reason to go back of course.  The treatment “Visualize Your Heart’s Desire” really has me intrigued!


Well on to my spa treatment experience ……when I entered the spa, I was very impressed at how it is located almost underground.  The serenity and coolness of this design almost transforms your mood as you descend down the stairs toward the spa’s front doors.  Inside you will find a whopping 22,000 sq. spa holding 24 spa treatment rooms.

My treat this day was the signature Phoenician’s Finest Facial, which really helped me turn around my skin that day and going forward later that week I definitely noticed changes.  Luanne knows her skincare and perfected & customized the treatment just for me and my skin’s needs.  As soon as I entered the spa treatment room, my excitement level was high as I spied Image Skincare products waiting to do their job on my face.  First a Vitamin C enzyme peel naturally exfoliated my skin in preparation for receiving an oxygen infusion of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.  Next a serum of green tea gave me that extra boost of renewal through hydration – which was just what Luanne prescribed. Afterwards my face felt the best it had in months.  Also I felt refreshed too – a spa treatment is always the best treatment for refreshing after a day of travel.

Before I left I had a chance to visit their spa boutique to take a look around and discover many items that I so desired to take home.  What were they? – well the entire line of Pevonia & some couture yoga shirts.  What did I actually carry out? A travel set of Pevonia’s Caviar Set, which I am still using.  It makes my skin feel completely MARVELOUS! BUT seriously it hydrates, hydrates and hydrates some more. TIP: Be sure to pick up some of Image plumping lip gloss while in their spa boutique!!!  Next trip I will definitely take time to try on those cute yoga shirts and also spend more time getting to know the very lovely and friendly spa attendant working in the spa boutique that day. She had such knowledge of all the products and was so friendly I hope to see her again soon!

The Phoenician ResortOverview from the Casita LawnScottsdale, Arizona USA

Before or after treatments at The Centre for Well-Being one can relax in the Meditation Atrium and meditate or just relax.  Nearby there are a wide selection of flavored spa waters – even some with fresh strawberries which tickled my palate that day.  Soon I had to leave to stay on schedule for my dinner plans – but that was the only reason I left this tucked away place of Zen.

Stay tuned for more about my “Scottsdale Invasion” coming later this week!

Disclosure:  My trip to Scottsdale was in conjunction with the #ScottsdaleInvasion, as I was sponsored by Experience Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Centre for Well-Being at The Phoenician.  This in no way influenced my remarkable experience.