luxury villa

When one dreams of the thought of staying in a luxury villa during a vacation, they usually think they are going to wake up and the dream will be gone. Well the time has come to live the dream.  Luxury villas are now a very economical way to take a luxury vacation or luxury holiday.

Private villas are not just for the ultra rich and famous, but you too.  You can now find quality villas all over the world that you can afford and live out the dream for real. Just like a celebrity you can be in your own Italian private villa or luxury beach villa in St. Tropez.

So one may say – what are the benefits of a private luxury villa?  You have all the comforts of home with a more luxurious touch. Villas are sometimes quite opulent, but most are adorned with timeless elegance.  Again, they have all the comforts of home but are surrounded by things like a tropical paradise! Well we don’t want it too much like home, so I will definitely take a different view.

These quality villas are also a lovely private retreat.  Let me say that again – you have privacy! How many times have you wasted precious vacation time walking around trying to find an empty chair by the pool or made that dreaded early bird trip down to the pool at the crack of dawn to drape a towel over a sun lounge only to find out there were already a lot of other early birds.  How about the hot tub – it’s all yours baby from sunrise to sunset.  You can stretch out and relax.  Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? Relaxing!?!

Many luxury villas have their own private staff.  Someone is always there to help you have your perfect dream vacation.  The chef learns your tastes and designs amazing delectable meals.  The concierge overhears you mentioning your love of horses and arranges a sunrise horseback ride along the beach.

What to find romance during your holiday? Romance runs the halls of private villas.  Want to arrange a romantic proposal – the balcony of your villa would be a perfect backdrop. You can if you like venture out in a limo arranged by your staff having the time of your life knowing you can return to the laps of luxury in your own luxury villa.

Wonder where I got the inspiration for this blog post? From looking – make that drooling over villas at the Quality Villas Ltd website where I was amazing at all the choices in the most popular areas of France. You can also see their Italian villa collection at  They have over 28 years as a luxury villa specialist, so they know their stuff. Yes some were over my budget but many are very doable.  Take a peek to see where your piggy bank might take you this year or next.  Where will you go?