Spa trends for 2014 have spas going way above the expected with a  little 2nd mile service for their spa patrons. See below some very new and unique experiences at some of the best luxury spas around.

 Take a look and see if one of them “talks” to you or your aching body after this tough winter.  I would love to try one of these new and unique spa experience, but not sure if I could pick just one! I’ll take at least 3 of them right now. These Spa Trends 2014 are looking good!
  • Madinat Jumeirah is proud to announce world-renowned face reader Eric Standop will revisit Talise Spa in March 2014 with photographer Richard Pilnick to present Portraits of a Soul. Following the success of his recent stint at the award-winning Talise Spa earlier this year, Eric will return to present the unique experience, Portraits of a Soul with photographer Richard Pilnick. The duo will combine the art of face reading, poetry and traditional photography. Using a one hundred-year-old wooden camera for an authentic effect, a photo shoot is carried out by Richard while Eric makes some face reading observations. The final result is an insight into the soul, through a powerful framed image alongside beautiful poetry. The tropical landscape and tranquil surroundings, combined with the unique Arabian architecture ofMadinat Jumeirah create the perfect outdoor studio environment for Portraits of a Soul’s Dubai debut. During his March visit, Eric will also present a Face Reading Workshop on Saturday 15 March 2014. Taking place at Talise Spa from 10am and 4pm, priced AED950 inclusive of lunch, the workshop will provide the basic tools for face reading. The seminar includes theory and practical training with the aid of photographs and drawings to provide an uncomplicated understanding of how to use face reading for personal and professional reasons.



  • In March 2014, L’Auberge de Sedona will be debuting L’Apothecary at the spa, a place for guests and Arizona visitors to draw upon the destination’s rich bounty of healing botanicals and fragrant herbs and flowers. L’Apothecary will offer the ingredients and supplies for guests to concoct and design their own bath salts, body scrubs, oils and masques with an abundant offering of elements found in Sedona, including rosemary, clay, piñon pine, juniper and more.
  • The Spa by PARESA in Kamala offers a heavenly sanctuary inspired by Thai ancient healing. The Paresa Spa features 5 double treatments suites with soothing baths and steam showers and after treatments, guests can spend time relaxing on their private balconies over looking the sunset on the Andaman Sea. As an alternative to the treatment table, f

    ormer Buddhist Monk and celebrated wellness mentor

     Nikorn Banjerdlert offers the following services at The Spa by Paresa:
  • Reiki & Energy Healing –  By combining the universal energy of Reiki Healing together with the intuitive skills and direct methods of energy healing, Nikorn channels a powerful healing effect into the energy bodies of your being. No discussion of symptoms or ailments is needed as the Reiki energy naturally flows to where it is needed, activating the body’s innate ability to self-heal. Through the simply laying-on of hands, Reiki Energy Healing will help to harmonize body, mind and spirit and is a powerful tool to allow our bodies time to tune in, relax  and heal, leaving you with feelings of profound peace and well-being. 90 min/7,000 Baht – 60 min/5,000 Baht
  • Meditation and Mind Detox – Nikorn will share his knowledge and experience of this secret which has existed for over 2,500 years from the foundation of Buddhism. With exercises and techniques which are applicable to everyone, from any religion and any cultural background, Nikorn will help you to go within in order to find ultimate truth and clarity. 60 min/5,000 Baht
  • “Fix Me” – Simply tell Nikorn how are you feeling and he will do the rest by combining all the therapies and tools he has learned over the years: meditation, reiki, energy healing, affirmations, visualization and self-help techniques. 90 min/7,000 Baht
  • Regent Palms Turks & Caicos is home to an award winning Spa at Regent Palms, named World’s Best several years in a row, with 18 treatment bungalows and innovative East meets West inspired treatments. For spring, Regent Palms unveiled its new Bath Room. This never-before-used-room features a deep soaking tub with mood music and lighting that rhythmically dances alongside the music for a meditative experience. One new treatment in the Bath Room is the  Detox Seaweed Leaf Bath: This seaweed bath utilizes organic hand-harvested seaweed by Voya to moisturize the skin, increase circulation and promote healing.
  • The Dehp ® Enrichment Spa Experience at Alvadora Spa is a unique spa treatment, which unlocks your bodies, own innate intelligence to process and integrate stored experiences, promotes a sense of deep well being, and assists you in your personal growth and development. The session is delivered in a luxury spa room/suite which includes the Dehp ® integrative technique, balancing massage and essential oils. The Dehp® Experience brings relaxation to a whole new level, allowing guests to reflect upon their experience in a luxury spa room/suite following their treatment, and will leave them will a sense of clarity and balance. 
•    80 minute session, $300
•    160 minute session, $585
Overnight Leisure Package:
•    One night Spa Dehp © Experience – Package starts at $699
•        Complimentary upgrade – Spa Suite preferred
•        Arrival amenity with welcome letter of customized experiences
•        On-property yoga and stretch session
•        80-minute Spa Dehp© Enrichment Experience
•        Kaleidoscope© 1-Day “Reboot” Cleanse/Detox Kit (http://www.kaleidoscopejuice.com)
•        Guaranteed late checkout day of departure
·       “Renew” Foot Reflexology in room or in Alvadora Spa, utilizing Tea Tree and Ginger Foot balm, 25 minutes, $79; 50 minutes $129
·       Detoxifying Mud Wrap, 50 minutes, $129
·       “Renew” Custom Massage, including Aromatherapy blend of Rosemary, Lemongrass and Cypress, 50 minutes, $129
·       “Rejoice” Citrus and Chamomile Polish, 50 minutes, $129
  • The Mulia Spa at Mulia Resort is a true retreat in a tranquil oasis.  Complete with 20 treatment rooms, Mulia Spa also features the award winning and state-of-the-art Wellness Suite, a Sweet Spa Finnish wood Sauna, Aroma Steam Room and an outdoor Meditation Area for Yoga.  Adapting the principal of the ancient spa wisdom: Senus Per Aquam, or healing through water, Mulia Spa offers a holistic approach where all personal wellbeing reawakening treatments are offered with a comprehensive treatment menu of Balinese, Indonesian and a fusion of Asian and western techniques suited to each guest’s personal needs. Most notable is that the Mulia Spa is home to Bali’s first and only Ice Fountain Room. Developed by award winning Italian Spa specialists, the Ice Fountain Room is set at -1 Celsius and uses Chromatherapy Chakra cleansing LED-lighting colour systems that offer deep relaxation.  Reminiscent of a Icefall Crystal Fountain, the sudden and extreme change in temperatures between steamy and icy environments stimulates body circulation and is highly beneficial for boosting metabolism, aching joints, detoxing and the immune system.
  • The long and frigid winter has begun to weigh on our minds and bodies as we wait for Spring. With Arctic temperatures and dreary grey skies seeming to be with us everyday, we have been forced inside, and away from our usual social outings. Rise out of this seasonal blue spirit with energy healer Diane Goldner at Cornelia Spa at The Surrey. Goldner is part of the spa’s innovative Experts in Residence Program, bringing celebrated experts in varying field into the spa, and will be returning for her second residence in early April. A master in her field and handpicked by Cornelia Spa, Goldner brings exclusive New York access to her highly regarded services to address issues associated with insomnia, chronic illness and life challenges which are commonly flared up during the colder seasons. Together with the guest, the healer will set an intention for healing and gently run healing energy into the body. Guests also have the option to add-on a Cornelia treatment to extend the healing experience with Goldner.