1312Which camp are you in? One camp loves facials and schedules regular appointments at The Spa. They talk about the relaxing experience, the deep cleaning their skin gets, the glow they have when they leave…on and on. So after you go now to the spa menu – make an appointment.

The other camp just doesn’t understand the appeal of plonking down the money for someone to wash, exfoliate, and massage their face. Their argument: “Uh, can’t you do that yourself at home?”

Enter Kathryn! The face guru (a.k.a. esthetician) at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. Her answer to the at home facial?  Well, it’s both yes and no.

“You should begin with expert skincare advice to address individual concerns,” says Kathryn.  “Skincare product information is confusing and truly overwhelming for most. As an Esthetician, I’m genuinely concerned with the overall health of the skin. I’m here to help cut through all the clutter and educate clients on what products are best for their skin.”

Once you have received expert advice for your skin, then off you go…at home maintaining your skin in the proper way.

Kathryn, Esthetician for The Spa at Four Season Hotel Atlanta, says regular facials are the perfect complement to ‘at home’ skincare.

For consultations/appointments with Kathryn, visit The Spa online or call 404-253-3848.

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