Eight Tips To Plan A Stay-cation With Your Hubby!Whether you and your hubby have been married for two months or two decades, keeping the flames of romance burning isn’t always easy when you’re both tying to deal with the demands and stresses of everyday life. A weekend Staycation gives the two of you the chance to recharge and reconnect without spending a bundle on a faraway trip. Take inspiration from these eight ideas to plan a Stay-cation that’s special and memorable.

1. Hang Up the “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Plan your stay-cation as if you were getting ready to embark on a traditional vacation. Let friends and family members know that you won’t be available, and set your mobile devices to away mode. Make arrangements for someone else to cut the lawn, watch the kids or walk the dog.

2. Stock Up for Fun

Spruce up your home to give it the ambience of a luxury hotel or charming bed and breakfast. Clear away family photos and clear out clutter. Fill the refrigerator and pantry with favorite treats, fluff the pillows and splurge on a new set of bed linens and towels.

3. Think Honeymoon

Find daytime activities that will make you feel if you were honeymooning in a romantic travel destination. Take a carriage ride, book a spa date or stroll through a flower garden. Hike, bike or drive to a secluded location in a park, beach or wilderness location where you can steal kisses surrounded by the beauty of nature.

4. Share New Experiences

A staycation is the perfect time to explore new pastimes that you and your husband can enjoy together going forward, whether it’s taking up a new sport or pursuing a creative interest. Sign up for a pottery class, try your hand at archery or take the plunge and go skydiving.

5. Cook Up Some Romance

Break out the cookbooks and experiment with a new gourmet dish. When you plan and prepare a romantic meal together, it really won’t matter if the results aren’t perfect. A romantic Stay-cation is the right time to do things that makes you feel a bit decadent and naughty, so forget your diet and indulge in an over-the-calorie-count desert.

6. Set the Mood

When serving dinner, set the table with your best china and silver, and set the mood with artfully designed candles and flowers. Draw the curtains, put on some romantic music and pop the cork on a bubbling bottle of champagne.

7. Dress the Part

Whether you’re jaunting about town with your hubby or cozying up on the sofa together to watch your favorite romantic movie, keep the stay-cation spicy by wearing sexy lingerie. The last thing you want to do is to throw on your everyday nightwear. If there’s ever a time to go all out with a fun and flirty negligee, it’s now.

8. Make Memories

While you’re out and about enjoying your time together, look for opportunities to buy amusing mementos that will make both of you smile. Ensure that you’ll remember your Staycation by capturing your special moments with photos.

When planning your at-home holiday, focus on the activities and pastimes that encourage intimacy. Whether it’s a long, luxurious soak in a hot tub or sunny picnic in the park, romantic stay-cations are about rekindling the flames of romance that brought you together.