Two things have made my heart swoon recently! Take a look and see what you think.

photo-3The first is a FRAAS Scarf that looked so good to me that it inspired me to take my very first selfie. Yes – I am usually an early adopter to many techie things (ie. been on Twitter for over 4 years), but selfies were just not my thing.

Now sometimes in your fashion life, there are items in your closet that just make you feel better when you wear them. Possibly they remind you of a special event, a person or a feeling. Other times you feel good in them because you look good  wearing them. I think I look pretty good in my FRAAS scarf since I get so many comments on it every time I wear it.

This is not the only reason I wear it. It just feels good.  The material is soft, which is hard to find in a metallic print. I happen to be wearing it right now as I write this post just because it feels warm and comforting.

photo-4So let’s get on to the one of the other reasons you might have a special item of clothing – it reminds you of a special event.   Last weekend I had the honor of taking Jama Hedgecoth – Founder of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary and our daughters Alexis and Sarah for a stay at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation. While there we enjoyed the spa, the club lounge, the fireplaces, ice skating and S’MORES!

My scarf’s special event is now making s’mores. Yes that is the other thing that makes my heart swoon – s’mores! This is a nightly treat year round at this resort.  Kids and parents all join around the big bonfire and enjoy making s’mores served with hot chocolate. I wore my Fraas scarf while making s’mores and now it reminds me of this special chocolate treat!

What items make your heart swoon lately?